“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.”

– Mark Twain

I think I have used these free days productively, lazing around, catching up with two of my old mates, spending genuine time with my gangster-ride-or-die partner, eat chocolate, catch up on youtube videos and working on my blog.

Before heading off to Ettalong Beach, I had the whole day free which I used to see my two good mates. It never feels unnatural being around them, silly me can shine. What can I say about them? I see they’ve been making something out for themselves, truly amazed at how hard they work. I am lucky to have such hard-working people I can look up to.

No couple is perfect, E and I still have arguments up until now. Though it doesn’t last for hours, like it used to. Spending time together up at Central Coast was exactly how I pictured it to be. Relaxing and assuring. I have a vlog, which I have yet to edit and upload. I’m still learning the skill of editing and being not camera-shy.

Class starts next week and right now, I’m genuinely anxious because of the change. On another note, I got E on board for purchasing a desk! A proper, heavy-duty desk. For me, having the perfect workspace, permits me to be in the right state of creative mind.







~ MJ

House Warming

Not mine though, I wish.

It was P’s (going to name people with their first letter, how original haha) house warming at their lovely new home, where there was a tonne of food (can feed the whole street) and the men took over the karaoke mics the whole night.

She let me play with the new Samsung S6 and here’s the turn out:




P’s ghetto lips 😉 

The front camera makes you look so flawless, when in reality mine’s all blotchy and oily…. so this definitely got me keen to purchase it. That OR the Samsung Note Edge! Oh man, their new mobile lines look and feels amaze. 

~ MJ

Procrastinating right now

Having the biggest time-killing spree, I’m supposed to be studying Japanese because it’s almost the end of the semester yay! But I’ve been playing Sims 3, watching Youtube and planning whether to go for a McDonald’s run or not… I’m making my life more stressful hey?

A few nights ago, my partner and I went over a mate’s place to celebrate her graduation. I not only loved her new spanking house, but the fact that the people there was ok with my lazing about on the mattress. I’m not the type to socialize, so being around individuals who don’t expect too much (ya know like talking, etc) from me puts me in a happy place. She had her mattress out in front of her TV, it made it more comfortable for us while watching a movie and resting after what she had prepared for us!





Congratulations again to this hard-working, intelligent woman I see a bright future ahead of you lovely! (if you’re reading this heeelllerrrr)

~ MJ

Food Coma

I was able to swap my shift yesterday night, so I was able to have dinner with a dear friend because she had just graduated! It was really thoughtful of her to invite me during that time instead of the lunch, honestly too kind! We had dinner at the Seven Hills RSL buffet, ate my heart out because I had just finished my mid-term exam and was starving myself so I can eat everything that was offered. Like seriously, it’s a buffet!

So now two of my closest friends have graduated! Where I’m still contemplating what second sub-major I should be taking up. Either HRM or HRD? If anyone has an opinion on these two different departments please help this confused girl out!

Oh, and I just watched a special episode 0 of the new Game Of Thrones season and it looks amazing! The logistics and the amount of people in it, is just incredible.

~ MJ 

Movie Runs

I just finished watching Selma… truly beautiful film. I was trying to not cry when Jimmy Lee got shot, but the acting got to me. The cast and story was amazing. It honestly should’ve gotten an aware in the Oscars but damn. Martin Luther King Jr. you amazing man.

So now I’m watching Into The Woods to see what the big fuss is all about!.

Now to rewind, a few days ago I went to a mate’s 21st and played an endless game of poker. Dressed up feeling very uncomfortable, because I’d rather wear PJs everywhere haha. The main highlight of the night, was that I got to spend some time with good mates (a girlfriend + boyfriend). Before dropping the girlfriend home we randomly stopped at Bondi Pizza to grab some late yummy feed.


We had more food, but this was the jackpot feed of the night! Anyways, what I loved was the fact that we didn’t talk about small matters but things that we have not shared with each other before. It was confortable and honest. Two perfect combination that makes a conversation memorable. 

I find small talk very forced, especially things about the weather, studies and more blah blahs. Tell me something I don’t know about you and you’ll make a friend out of me.

~ MJ

Introduced the girls to The Tuckshop

Shop 1,78 Glenhaven Road, Glenhaven NSW 2156


These three girls were preety much my mains back in high school, since from year 7 to the final year, year 12. We rarely get to hang out, usually months in between! So instead of the usual catching up indoors, I introduced them to my favourite cafe in the Western suburbs of Sydney, The Tuckshop.

Was freezing cold, but fortunately for us there was a bit on space inside.






Toasted almond muesli, seasonal fruit and yoghurt $12 – I chose this instead of a burger, because for one thing it would be very difficult to eat with braces and it’s a lighter meal

It’s always great to catch up with old pals, we were talking about each other’s personality types and seeing how different we were from each other. I voiced out that it’s better to have a group with various personality types, because if people were similar than it would get boring and stale. Yes, they would agree on a lot of things, like maybe less fights between couples, but I believe there wouldn’t be enough room for growth. I think being unique and different is the key for a wonderful and exciting friendship/relationship.

In the end it was great to see them two again, watching and hearing what they have been doing makes me feel so old now haha!


Brought back this cinnamon cronut back for my partner.


Glazed cronut – I think it was about $4 

There has been an abundance of pictures of this crazy cronuts! Like all these different flavours and what not. So when I saw that this cafe had some, I HAD to try it! I bought the glazed one for myself and a cinnamon one for my partner, and OMG it was heaven! It honestly doesn’t look sweet, but it really is. Not too sweet and the bread was tender to bite into. Reminded me a lot like krispy kreme’s original glazes.

YUUUMMMMMMMYYYYYY, might hunt for another cronut!

Zeta Bar

4/488 George St  Sydney NSW 2000

It was a mate’s birthday at a bar turned club called Embassy at Zeta Bar! I’m not much of a clubbing-type but I was really interested in going. It’s located on the 5th floor of hotel Hilton, Sydney and I was so amazed by the interior of the bar.



It was more of a lounge room, with a courtyard next to the second bar at the back. I was impressed by how the place looked, because it had a sophisticated look about it which is expected from a 5-star hotel. It had two bars with an impressive range of alcoholic beverages and I was wasn’t surprised that a cocktail was $19 each. I was a bit reluctant at first, but after tasting my order of a Long Island (so sweet, you couldn’t taste the alcohol at all!) I didn’t mind buying a second one.

Though the dance floor was about the size of a small room, the great selection of RNB music made it better. The place was the shape of a long rectangle so expect finding it difficult ordering drinks. The view was great, which helped it made it look more spacious and expect a much more mature, classy crowd than most other Asian clubs, my partner found it much nicer than Marque at The Star, which would be the next club I would love to hit up.

RATE: 3/5