Poké Bros.

6/71 George St, Parramatta NSW



Only found in two Sydney locations, Parramatta and Cabramatta, Poke Bros is easily walkable and accessible from Parramatta station. Poke bowls out in Sydney’s West, is not very common, compared to Sydney’s CBD. It’s great that more and more of these types of establishments, are increasing available out west!

Poke Bros’ menu is filled with pre-set bowls, main ingredients ranging from salmon (raw/cooked), tuna, prawn, tofu and spicy korean chicken! Comes in two sizes small and large, additional ingredients can be customised or once again chosen from their best sellers. Boy was the large bowl a deep dig, I had trouble reaching to the bottom of the bowl. I also added their premium milk tea to compliment the deliciousness of the bowl. I forgot what meat I had chosen, however it was tasty, fresh, the ingredients blended well and had me full for the rest of the day.

We came on a quieter day so the service was quick! I unfortunately could not fit in any of their desserts, they have two options, but I’ll definitely be stopping by soon.





Bubblegum Lip Scrub



You will get addicted to this scrub, even unconsciously taking a few caster sugar down. The caster sugar is infused with jojoba oil to gently exfoliate the dead skin away. At the same time, not loosing its softness and moisture.

Undeniably sweet,tastes almost like candy, it does a good job in creating a smooth base for any lip products afterwards. It does get messy, so a dab is more than enough. Be mindful however to scrub generously, as you may miss on some spots.



RATE: 3/5

Tea Tree Water



I highly advise this at night, as it helps reduce the redness and blemishes for the next day. I am not entirely a fan of the spray, as it sprits large amounts from the bottle. The lush consultant did state that it would be great to spray throughout the day, but I think it may ruin the hold of the makeup.

Tea tree is known to a fantastic cleanser, as it is antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial. It also contains grapefruit for increased vitamins, also is lightly astringent and has a mixture of juniperberry to assist with cleaning the skin.

For me, I do find it best to use once makeup has been removed and cleansed. I use this straight after and then continue with my night-time skin products.



RATE: 3/5

Ristretto & Co

156 Northumberland Street, Liverpool NSW 2170


I’ve eaten at this cafe twice already, this blog shows the first time I’ve eaten here. It’s one of those cafes where you have to go searching for a bit (not really), it’s just cause it’s squished in a little corner. It looks like a small shop from the outside… once you’re inside, it’s like stepping into a small picnic area.


The backyard, picnic feel of the place made me nostalgic of the times I entered those types of houses that had a lot of wooden furnitures and a vegetable garden in the back. But most of all, it was very homely. It’s a lovely place to hang, catch-up with the boys and/or girls and take in the soft rays of the sun.


Tuna Salad $13 – Mixing the poached egg with the green beans, tomato, baked corn, sicilian olives, avocado and brown rice… was *drool*


His: Chicken Cotoleta Panini $11 – Truss tomato, rocket, provolone & pesto mayo sandwiched in sourdough.


Hers: Roasted Beetroot $12 – I loved the sweetness of the pumpkin, combined with sweet potato, green beans, fetta and the bold feel of the walnuts, was long-lasting throughout the whole day. 


Orange Juice $5 – I’ve gotten this twice, like the first time I came and the second time. The reason why was because it was fresh as fudge! 

The price was exceptionally affordable, like seriously the dishes qualify for a higher price since the quality was beautiful. Eating at a place like this made the drive there worthwhile.

RATE: 4/5


Gipps Street, Pyrmont, Sydney

Saturday, cheat day 🙂 even though I don’t work out as much.



A bit poor, there was a lack of waiting staff on the floor, you would think since it’s a Saturday there would be more on the floor. I had to look like the biggest lost head, hawking a staff down so they could take my order. Other than the searching part, the staffs were friendly, straight-forward in asking with what you want. So they were quick and efficient.


Metal, uncomfortable seats, it’s like the seats was telling me to eat up and quickly go out. It had an ongoing blue colour theme inside, many chairs and tables to cater for a lot of people and from the reserved tables I saw, you can reserve a table!

The place was located next to the picturesque Battlewattle Bay, and can be easily accessible by bus, train or car (decent parking rates too).



Oh don’t you love laminated menus? Specially when they’re printed out black and white, makes the choosing not too difficult for me. It was averagely priced from $15 onwards, so not too bad for a heck load of seafood! All was fresh which was lovely, so you’ll be able to choose from scallops, prawns, squids, salmons, etc and the basic staple of chips, calamari rings and salad!


We both got the same, I didn’t tell him that I chose the same thing, because my boyfriend hates it when we order the same thing (though I don’t particularly mind) .

20140920_113940_resized B.B.Q’d Seafood Plate $23.5 – a great array of squids, prawns, scallops, fish, chips and so many green leaves haha salad! 


I just love fresh food, and this was picture perfect! It was like the sea was in my mouth, well not really, but like it was beautiful. I was so hungry this morning, that this plate perfectly repleted thy empty stomach! Good thing that they added the salad, because I felt like I was eating so much carbs. There was more prawns in the platter, but I’m not complaining because I LOVE prawns.


Though yes it was fresh, I felt like the platter was a bit bland. Definitely, the green leaves out weighed the tomates and the tiny onions in the salad haha I finally gave up on the salad at the end though.

RATE: 2/5

Three Blue Ducks

 143 Macpherson St, Bronte NSW 2024

A lovely restaurant close-by to one of Sydney’s famous beaches, Bronte. It’s located right in front of a bus stop, so it’s convient for people getting of and on to the bus. Me and my partner drove about 45 minutes to this restaurant for lunch. It was a while ago, so correct me if I’m wrong about the names of each of the pictures taken.


When you enter, though it may look like a casual cafe it actually caters like a fine-dining restaurant. Their menu prices depicts it as well. But you get what you pay for, because you will be served with fresh produced food that is ideally themed for lunch and breakfast times.

20140215_135440_resized (1)

Mine: This glazed shirt rib was heavenly, I remember the fork easily sliced through the meat and it melted effortlessly in my mouth. It’s combined with lemongrass, ginger, green mango, mint and cucumber salad. $31


His: Remember when I said “fresh”, this was! It’s a crispy skinned mulloway with corn puree on the side, mixed grains topped with lemon and parsley. For those who want a light meal. $28


For dessert, we tried their honey (really thick) and I forgot this muffen-like thing! haha

For people who likes quick, light, fresh meals, you should surely visit this.

RATE: 3/5