Honey | Eau De Parfum Rollerball


Marc Jaobs | Sephora $25

I love the compact and flexibility of fragrance rollerballs. The full bottle of Honey by Marc Jacobs, is soooooo lovely! Because I like to use various scents, rollerballs is the right amount for me.

I have been using this on the daily and since it is getting warmer, why not add bright and sweet scents? It plays deliciously through Spring, reminding me that Summer is just right around the corner. Roll it under the ear area and wrists, where you will notice hints of orange, honey, golden vanilla, mandarin and all these warm and feminine tones. It is like dessert wine, but in perfume form.


RATE: 5/5

Glasshouse Fragrances


I don’t know if the candle phase is over, but I know that maybe for a few months I remember seeing an influx of pictures of people using candles. When they’re having a bath, drinking tea, on their table filled with books, etc. So I gave in and tried it myself haha. I bought this, I forgot the price, and tried out Glasshouse Fragrances. They had a variety of scents, so I opted to try this triple scented candle – Amalfi Coast (Sea Mist). Very relaxing, it takes a few minutes of burning before you can smell the fragrance. I still haven’t used it all, so I’ll wait till I burn this down before I try another brand.


It comes in a cute 60mg candle jar, so it’s not hefty to take the candle with you for a quick candle fix! Beautifully designed, and the aroma reminds me of the sea. Makes me wish sometimes I lived in a house next to the beach, watching the sunset and being able to read with no disruptions.

RATE: 3/5