“Capture your style”



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Long time no book review! To start a fresh, I had to choose this beautifully created book by Aimee Song. Filled with fashion and social forward tips, with special guidance in making the most out of Instagram. Tips on editing your photos, suitable apps and filters to go with your desired photo, props to use whilst establishing your unique voice in your online gallery. The book is filled with beautiful images that coincides with her guide, so you can better understand and see exactly how she applies it.

A simple but an inspirational gem, which I feel is great to read should you wish to refresh your Instagram gallery, professional or beginner! A reference guide which I would be coming back to over and over again.




Kayu Barong


ET CLUB 825.000 RP

Indonesian meanings: Kayu wood ; Barong mythical lion-like creature

When I first laid my eyes on this bag, I knew I had to bring one home. The stunning wooden case, brings a youthful but also exotic base, making it perfect for any occasion. I am not sure what wood they used, unfortunately. What I love especially, is the two colour contrasting knobs and the gold chain, which you can wear as a side bag instead of as a clutch.

There were other bags similar to this, but what bought me is the addition of a Barong on its front. It truly makes it a playful, statement piece, though I do have opposing opinions on the inside texture. Can’t wait to pair it with summer dresses this season!




RATE: 4/5

Runner Bag

IMG_2687Rains Australia $149.99 || The Iconic

Since using this for almost 2 – 3 months now, over-packing it with textbooks, jumpers and food, it hasn’t failed me yet. It’s an amazing, compact and durable back-pack, which I find is compatible with my business and casual wears. The timeless black, is not a sheer but a matte finish. It wasn’t as clean-looking as it was at the start, because of my carelessness of placing food/cleaning products in close-by.

Please excuse, the lack of lighting. If you want a better picture of the bag, please click the links above!

There’s so many buckles, making it certain that your items won’t fall out and absolutely tug-free. Spacious, with two sections inside. There’s side compartments and water-proof zippers. There are other amazing bag designs, but I chose this because of its wide, stable straps, that will be beneficial for my shoulders and back. Combining the sporty and practical design into this product, you’ll love it as much as I do.





RATE: 5/5

Diablo Ankle Boots


Therapy $59.95 || The Iconic 

The black colour and style, perfectly matches with the jeans and tights I tend to wear. I have yet to match it with an every day dress. The pointed toe, gives these ankle boots a classy look ,which I think helps me look a tad taller. It has that fur-type, synthetic cover, which can be a bit of a nuisance if anything gets caught on it. But… the cover does give it an edgy-cool-Western-feel. Zippers are in the inner-side, I did get confused thinking it was the outer ones!

Chunky, block heels is a definite yes with this boots. I broke into them easily and can walk around for a whole day, without anything hurting. An extremely fabulous investment.



RATE: 4/5

Cameron by Verali

Most times I chose the look of a product over comfortability, and at the end of the day I regret my decision because my feet are dead and red. Well, these pair of heels, I got the best of both worlds.


Verali $55.96 – Cameron Black, size 5

Bought it from The Iconic, that was originally $79.95. This I find will match any outfit I have, dress or pants. It’s chic and simple. The soles of my feet did not die during the night and it still looked brand spanking new afterwards. I have a feeling that this will be  my go-to-shoes to any event.

RATE: 4/5


20140928_160919_resizedJiasilin Jelly $31 (originally $39)


Bought from:

Kagui – Shop 10.17 World Square Shopping Centre, 686 George Street Sydney 2000


It’s aesthetically pleasing, with the intricate flower details providing the wearer breathability. Using jelly-like material provides perfect flexibility and takes away that constant stiffness you get with leather shoes. The beige colour, is perfect for any occasion.


The major problem would have to be, since the shoe is almost white, after wearing it for a couple of days it has already turned brown at the front. It is very obvious and doesn’t come off too easily either. The soles inside also picks up dirt quite easily and like any new shoe, you will definitely be in for some heel blisters.

I think it’ll be one of those shoes, if worn too much will become easily worn out and will lose it’s pristine look. Might just wear it from time to time.

RATE: 2/5