Lily Water Whitening


Mamonde $2.50 || MD Ranking

This mask is just rejuvenating, it had this flowery aroma to it as well. It truly smelt like a lily!  I left it on my face for about 10 minutes, but you can go for 20 minutes because it had so much essence contained. My skin really needed this calming boost, because of this current harsh winter weather, my skin really needed this quick tlc!

It’s definitely hydrating, though I do think I may need a few masks of this to really see the whitening effect.


RATE: 3/5

Clear Improvement Mask

I rarely have used masks before, and this product is amazing! Like amazing x100000!


Origins: Clear Improvement Mask $34

This product is stuff of legends! Kidding just exaggerating, this product though I might say for the moment is my all time favourite thing to apply, when I do my face cleanse. I have read previously of reviews, positives ones mostly, and I just needed to try it out.

It first states to lightly moist the face with warm water, so your pores allow the goodies into your skin. The main 3 elements are Active Charcoal (like a magnet, it brings out the oils/dirt that clog your pores) + White China Clay (mineral benefits that draws out oils and gently exfoliates the skin without over-drying) and lastly Lecithin (hydrates, replenishes and repairs).

A little goes a long way, I only maybe put two thin layers onto my face avoiding the eye area. I sure know its working when I start to get that slight skin tingle, it doesn’t sting at all. After maybe 3 minutes, you just wash it off and place over it with your favourite moisturiser.

For product that does its job perfectly and gives a decent amount of it, you get a great bargain for just $34! For the next few days, my skin feels cleaned deep within and it not only controlled the oils but also minimized breakouts.

RATE: 5/5


Fresh Hand Cosmetics


The Sacred Truth $16.95

I did not know initially, that the face masks bought from Lush had a time frame which I had to use by!! There was like, more than half amounts of this product left which I could’ve still used. Bummer. This product contains: wheatgrass, ginseng, green tea, papaya and other forms of antioxidants that forms a soft layer on one’s skin. The after effect is wonderful… your skin feels soft, clean and it made me look whiter? Maybe because it took off all that yucky dirt that accumulated throughout the day.

It didn’t make my skin any less oilier that usual, maybe I have to try their other ranges to see if it has any outstanding effect on my skin in the long-term. But honestly, I don’t know if I want to pay another $16 something for a tub that lasts for 3 weeks and does not give major improvements. Maybe for the trend, I’ll try other products but in the long-run, don’t know if I would swear by this brand.

RATE: 2/5