Master Precise


Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner $14.95 || Priceline

If you ever have no time to shop, or you’re in a tight budget and you’re looking for something that would do it’s job… this is the best eyeliner to have! Like seriously, when my wallet is running low and I had no time to search for another brand to try, Master Precise is my ‘go-to’. I always purchase it at Priceline because of its reduced price.


It’s not only affordable, but the thin tip is so easy to use that I make less mistakes, rather than the others I have tried. Smudge-proof and water-proof, are the main qualities why I keep this pen in my ‘go-to-products’.

RATE: 3/5

KIT: Felt Tip Eyeliner

photo (1) copy


This is one big hella picture, sorry for that. Anyways, I’m really disappointed with this eyeliner, firstly because the description was not true for me. I want to talk first about its look, beautiful, sleek and has that soft cushioning near the tip.

Yes, it’s designed great for precise application because you can easily glide the felt tip along the lash line. Yes, the colour is vibrant. Though sadly, it can be easily smudged off and it does not last for 12 hours, as the box said it would. I’ve noticed quite a few times I had to tap it at the bottom to get some more liquid at the tip, because when I would apply it, it would stop and start.

So no for me. Though since it was so costly, I will wait until I run out and try another eyeliner.

RATE: 2/5