Dr. Michio Kaku

Sydney, Town Hall 

I had the privilege to attend a presentation, supported by UTS Science, Think Inc. etc, by Dr. Michio Kaku. Actually, I only came across his field of work just a month or two ago, introduced by my partner. You should watch his videos, he is honestly great stuff because he explains his field of study (String Theory) in a very descriptive and simplistic way that anyone who doesn’t have a clue, can understand.

So when I saw that he was having a tour in Australia, I jumped for the opportunity.


Look how packed! Luckily we got to sit upstairs.

It was held in an iconic building, Sydney Town Hall, I always walk by the place and I always thought it was just a building that doesn’t let people inside haha! Walking inside, the most beautiful thing is that the place had these superb chandeliers that I couldn’t take my eyes off, it was like walking into some grand government building.


The only negative of sitting upstairs is that you have to turn your neck to the left/right (uncomfortable).


The man himself.

Looking to your left or right at the event, you will see an array of people, children to older generations who may have just went because a friend didn’t want to go alone or they were a fan of Dr. Kaku’s work. Either way, it was nice to see a flood of individuals who are genuinely interested in modern science and more specifically String Theory (Theory of Everything).

Before Dr. Kaku came out, there were two open speakers Dr. Terry Percival and Dr. Jordan Nguyen who have made and still continuing to make impacts in the modern science world. It’s really astonishing, particularly in regards to Dr. Jordan Nguyen who is still quite young, creating something brilliant that can help with people with disabilities. Man how I wish I had their intellectual brain! haha!

So Dr. Kaku took the audience on a ride, exploring what String Theory was, the multi-universes theory and the theory of everything. Made my brain explode with all the information I took (in a good way).


Before the night ending with… “crowd selfie”.

At the end, people got the chance to ask the Dr. anything they wanted and to everyone’s surprise (maybe not all) he answered the question flawlessly and very grandeur. I honestly don’t know the term for when famous people take a self-portrait with the audience as a background waving? I’ll call it “crowd selfie” for now, until there’s a legit terminology for it.