31.7 – 6.8

“When someone tells me “no,” it doesn’t mean I can’t do it, it simply means I can’t do it with them.”

– Karen E. Quinones Miller





31/7 I am so happy I got to sit, walk and be out in nature today. You would see me either snuggled up in my bedroom or at work. Just  being surrounded by people, concrete and artificial air gets so suffocating. I need to do this if not weekly, then fortnightly. I really believe being surrounded by wildlife/nature is food for a healthy mind and spirit. It really seems like most of my views are with these “discovery” posts! I appreciate your time reading these private notes.

1/8 Another day waking up early and not struggling yay! I’m still having bloating issues which sucks, but it isn’t that bad today nor was yesterday. I’ve been trying to go through as much readings, cause I have an online test that I am aiming to complete by this week.

2/8 Decided I’m going to live stream on Mixer cause why not? haha I reckon I’ll just be live streaming mobile app games, which I will then attach a review to the live video onto my blog. I just need to find out how the heck do I extract the past stream! So I’ve decided I’ll dedicate an entire free day for that, but not tonight.

4/8 Well last night was kinda crap. Thought I was going to dodge an obnoxious, privileged individual, but no… there always gotta be at least one. It’s generally in the last 2 hours at night. Seriously dude, I gave you a solution, apologised for your biased, no-evidence anger and you still had the audacity to continue lying? If I had my way, I would say you have no recording to prove anything, so have I, so why don’t we wait for the result… in the meantime take your new lane. Human emotions frustrate me. Human error is fine, just emotions.

5/8 I think I’ve corrected my sleep, like I’ve been waking up super early BUT I still have problems sleeping early. Like I’m still up by 10pm. When I should really be down by 9pm. It is way better now though, I used to sleep not until midnight and then woke up close to midday. The best feeling when waking up early, is that you have more time to complete whatever you’ve got to do!


23.7 – 30.7

“Let’s tell the truth to people. When people ask, ‘How are you?’ have the nerve sometimes to answer truthfully…”

– Maya Angelou





23/7 Breathe in and out. Repeat 100 more times.

It’s a new week, I have a less hectic schedule now, I can concentrate more on my studies, blog and hopefully my label. Working back to back at a place, that does not satisfy you career wise, is a real downer. But I know I have to keep it for a little while longer, just under two years left.

24/7 Going to give The Crown a go again, since I didn’t give my full attention when I watched the first two episodes last time. So far I am liking episode one. Volunteer was great today, keeping me on my toes. But overall grateful I have such an amazing curator I volunteer alongside. Started the week on a much brighter, lighter step.

26/7 First full day to myself, well not really cause I’m heading out tonight to watch E, as he’s on the final table. Slept late last night, didn’t get to bed till 4am, cause I was waiting for E to finish with his tournament. Took an uncomfortable nap in the car though, and all I could think of is, why didn’t I bring along some makeup remover wipes. I could literally feel my makeup sitting on my face. So once I got home, I washed and cleansed the hell out of my skin. Then I woke up at 9-ish am. No breakouts, but it did feel a bit tight. Attended an exhibition last night, which threw me once again in the social deep end. Though I did come out feeling alright.

27/7 Finally watching IT Girls, that’s released on Youtube. Yay! So far so good, it’s funny cause they are all so sassy, but I’m loving it. What I am doing at the same time, is mentally noting the places they are eating at. So when I go later in the year, E and I can visit these places. Today I think we’ll be watching friendly fights at UFC and I hope to squeeze in a workout session today. Skipped out yesterday.

28/7 Was supposed to go on a hike today, but my body couldn’t keep up, so I slept in. I’ll be now aiming for a Wednesday hike this week. What do I have planned today? Gym, grocery run, cleaning the car and uni work.

29/7 Good morning Monday! Did quite a bit of cleaning and reorganisation of our bedroom yesterday. I feel better when things look different, I don’t know about you, but I feel less inspired/motivated when I’m in a stagnant surrounding. Will be catching up on some week 3 modules, squeezing a workout and some blog content.


16.7 – 23.7

“I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth diminishing your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.”

– Steve Maraboli

16/7 On the low, low. Feeling super low these past two weeks, praying the upswing will be soon. Had to cancel a few things, cause of this. Sugar aint helping if you’re wondering haha. Dramas, youtube and uni work has given me brief distractions, but like no, it’s lingering. Even when waking up, it is still there.

18/7 Where has the week gone?

20/7 Dangerous games for so little and petty money. Can’t believe I’m still around this foolish individual, who won’t stop and think for a minute. See past and beyond their little  bubble.


9.7 – 15.7

“The elegance under pressure is the result of fearlessness.”

– Ashish Patel




9/7 Oft another week. My last free week, until session 2 starts next week, oh boy.

12/7 I’m pooped. Looking forward to the full day-off tomorrow, which I will be using stuffing my face in my readings. I haven’t worked out in a while, and I notice a difference when I go without a workout. I feel lazier, droopier and my mental game aint sharp. On the upside, got my results back from last session and I am happy!

12/7 So many, many scam bags. I get it everyone is selfish, but dang some people are next level ruthless. If I could make a list of people that I’ve encountered and what they’ve done, I would expose them. Make sure when people meet them, they know what they are capable of.

14/7 I’m done. Bring in the new year already.

15/7 Third week of July, bring it on! Session 2 of university has officially started today, and I’ve made a mental goal to at least be one week ahead of studies. I’m taking up 3 units and I can already see myself getting pooped asap. Got a night shift tonight, so trying to cram in as much youtube, studies and stretches haha. Have a lovely week folks!


2.7 – 9.7

“How you choose to feel today should not be dependent on others.”

– Anthon St. Maarten





2/7 Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, felt like my eyelids had extra layers, was hard keeping them up. On the flip-side, I am obsessed with NF! Does anyone know, if he would be touring in Australia?

3/7 Netflix is really on the ball with K-dramas! I’m getting hooked again, which sucks because session 2 of class starts soon. Though I hoped Netflix, would release more quality anime. Have you read the news about Sydney’s counter-terrorism raids? Freaking scary. Saw something interesting today. No matter what age you are, professionalism can sometimes slip. Is it so hard for some people, to act kind and be professional in workplaces? The amount of grown men and women, who still crawls back into their infant brains, just astonishes me. How can we move forward, when there are some who would rather drag us back. *sigh*

6/7 Had an amazing time at a friend’s wedding yesterday. It was both simple yet classy. Most weddings I’ve been to, the food served during reception seems to be mostly lacking, but yesterday’s wedding the food was bomb. There was a bit of drama before the wedding and before leaving for the reception. It involved interacting “adults”, where each time I talk to them, I have to reel in my real thoughts, because they’ve obviously blocked their ears when speaking to me. I keep praying for the day, when I can finally cut off these toxic individuals.


23.6 – 2.7

“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”

– Brene Brown





23/6 Taking control of your own life, is truly a challenge. Finding that right balance of confidence, love whilst taking care of your physical, mental and basic needs is something I’m still struggling with. I think it was just last year, that I’ve been slowly getting some order and control of my life. I would like to highlight slowly. I’ve taken some drastic measures, moving on from people, situations that are giving me no benefit to my self-love process. Taken risks with situations and making it an opportunity for myself, whether it be in my education, career or social life. Don’t be afraid to let go of things you feel are stopping you from growing. Right now, I’ve got my social life kinda in check, relationship balance in check and education running. I have to remind myself not to get so impatient with my career goals, slow and steady. But also to make situations into a opportunity.

26/6 Wednesdays are always great, lucky to be in an environment that is supportive, patient, real and your input is valued. Sadly, it’s a sad and frequent reality being in an environment where you are negatively criticised, unfairly managed and undervalued. My Tuesdays on the other hand, is on a wobbly start. I might have to just keep an open mind to the current environment, be patient and see how it is. I can always say goodbye to it. Tomorrow I have a little excursion!

27/6 The excursion today was lovely, I definitely need to go back and visit. The other highlight was the homemade scones, other yummy treats and the tea! We were seated on  an airy verandah, looking out towards the lovely backdrop of the suburb whilst enjoying out late afternoon treats.

28/6 Basking today as much as possible, because it’s my only day which I have nothing planned. My next free day won’t be until this coming Thursday. Anyways, been watching Marlena Stell’s video titled ‘Dear Influencers’. I absolutely love in how she’s presenting her information with grace, the right balance of constructive criticism and compliments. To be honest I’ve not tried any of Makeup Geek’s products, I’m not really an eyeshadow type of user, as evident in my blog.

30/6 Woke up to reading the news of Jeon Mi Sun’s passing. What an amazing actress, I’ve loved her roles in so many notable dramas.


4.6 – 11.6

“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”

– Roy T. Bennett

4/6 The last hardest assignment is done! Got a quick journal due next week and then I’m free for a  few weeks. YAY! I plan to workout more, read more, eat and sleep better. Fingers crossed I get to post more reviews and work on QUI. Got this little cute photography light box  and I was amazed at how cheap it was. Should I write a review of it?

6/6 The last leg of the stay’s accomodation is now booked yay! It’s a little cute space with ample sunlight, a stove essential and is walking distance to many places. I’ll be taking this week a little easier, with more time spent on reflecting, netflix’n, working out, listening to music and breathing.

9/6 Quite tough today, didn’t get to do a few things, no coffee too. Surprisingly I’m feeling quite energised, though more on the down side. Its during these times, when it’s the hardiest to keep positive. I just feel like lying in bed and wish the day/s would go faster.

I did push myself I little today and updated my store’s instagram. So you’ll find on the instagram (@qui.label) the first picture, of my first pin! I am really happy with it, surprised it came out exactly how I’d envisioned it. I just have to get the prices right, still having a hard time understanding postage cost and all. So keep a look out!

10/6 Got a new succulent today yay! Repotting a cacti was a challenge, trying to not get poked haha. Satisfied my sausage sizzle at Bunnings today and it did not disappoint.


25.5 – 28.5

“How’s things, buddy?” Trey asks after we run through a few finger-warming exercises. I realize this is what people call small talk. I also realize the world would be a better place without it.”

– Julie Buxbaum




25/5 Can small talk be banned? All these unnecessary situations where small talk is encouraged, should be removed forever. I would prefer to sit in silence, doing what I want to do, being around people that I know without being judged as a snob or having a motive. For example, if I go to a party, I prefer to say hi to the people I know or have to meet, then head straight to the food station and sit in peace. Come and say hi if you like, but have a purpose and if I’m silent be chill too. The number of times I get comments from people, saying I’m too quiet, anti-social, I have to go to this event to make an appearance, for religion, for family, for whatever is extremely exhausting. If you like small talking fine, just don’t come at me with your chitchat.

26/5 Woke up the latest today, since forever. Woke up at 1:30pm! Though fair, I did not hit the sack until 5am, got caught up with a new Chinese drama. Got up to episode 11 or 12 of Love 020.

27/5 Should be a more relaxing day today. Get some artwork done and then send them off to printing.


15.5 – 21.5

15/5 My lack of posts last ‘Discover’ post was kind of embarrassing. I’ll try and make an effort this week. Today’s agenda, is to get two assignments done by Monday and start the third next week. The third is due the two following Mondays. I think my brain is literally about to explode. I am also finally getting back to the gym, after a 3-4 day break. Going to need to burn them bubble tea and quick Chinese food.

16/5 Day whatever now trying to get this damn report done, so I can move on to the next two assignments. This sucks! I feel like everyday is dedicated to work, cause of the pile up of the assignments.

17/5 Got exciting news, my first item created! Now got to think about packaging, how it’s going to look on social media and shipping fees. Who knew there’s a lot of processes to think about, before making it available to the public. It is quite slow, but I hope to get it out before the end of the year. I was planning two crafts this year, but we’ll see.

18/5 Today went way too fast. Snuck in a late brunch of Pizza Hut, halo halo and gym! In other news, I am in love with NIKI’s new album ‘wanna take this downtown?’. The continuous theme, vibe and sound is just beautiful. I want to see her live!!

19/5 Track work today ugh.

21/5 Well this post got scheduled a day earlier, so I’ll just insert this entry in. GOT last night, got me teary again. Seriously how tragic was Dany’s end? I knew it was going to happen, but boy oh boy, I felt angry with how her downfall got written. What a ride, 8 years and now Mondays are back to being boring.



9/5 E and I are planning to stay in the Philippines, for about 2 and a bit months. I was really wishing to visit either Phuket or Bali this year, just to indulge in their awesome retreats. But most likely not this year. I wanted to getaway from Sydney during the Christmas and New Year season and experience it else where. So far the ticket prices are good, though finding an AirBnb that meets both our location criteria, price and cooking needs is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Should I vlog for the duration, like daily or weekly hmmm. Mind you I am extra shy in front of the camera, might just get E to do it!