The Balcony Bar & Oyster Co.

7/3 Lawson St, Byron Bay NSW



Right on the popular and ever bustling town of Byron Bay, you won’t miss it, is Balcony. Make sure to book prior and request to have a seat on the balcony.

After going up a flight of stairs, you will be greeted by a beautiful open floor setting, white rustic furniture and busy waitstaff. The place is filled with beachgoers, laid back but trendy diners, either celebrating a day out on the beach, a birthday or a social gathering! I went during dinner, just when the sun was setting, so it was oozing with bright colours but with a romantic touch.

Balcony’s menu offers a wide selection of oysters, seasonal flavours,  tapas, salads, charred and bone pieces, lamb, crab… just check out their menu here.They serve during breakfast, lunch and dinner. We got ourselves some oysters, which was delish by the way! Ordered their broccolini, chicken lollipops, cauliflower popcorn and the salt cod croquettes. By the time we got our new york cheesecake and coconut sago, we were overly satisfied.

I’d say overall the food items were done right, it was all tasty and not overly oily or fried. It was a perfect balance of softness and crispy. I now look back and wonder, gosh we ordered way too many fried items. If we were to go back, I’d try their lamb shoulder or crispy skinned ocean trout! The most memorable is their oysters and the sauces that came with it. Their cheesecake lacked unfortunately the “cheesiness”, was a bit over it after 3 bites.

Food and drinks were served on time, the setting was tastefully done and shout out to our waitstaff that night Jay! Do try their cocktails, nothing beats cocktails after a day exploring the area.










Ground Floor, BGC Corporate Center, 11th Avenue Corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City



Stepped into Tomatito and did not want to leave, wanted to try all them delicious tapas. Settled in quite quickly and stepped into a spacious Spanish themed restaurant, also 80s inspired, with splashes of red and fairy lights definitely giving the interior a festive vibe.

You will find the menu filled with fun Spanish tapas, priced mid range upwards (200 php +) and the quantity per plate was not a disappointment. Between E and I, we ordered about 7 plates to share and dessert. I highly recommend the ‘Salmon TNT’, it was a sweet mix of smoked salmon, honey and truffle, that exploded under a bite. I have been craving for it since arriving back to Sydney. Special mention to their ‘Dessert Platter’ and ‘Ibericos Croquettes’ Colours and its matching flavours made the dinning experience exciting, that if given the time, I would have ordered more! Cocktail I ordered, called ‘Livin La Vida…’ was smooth, no hint of alcohol was tasted.

Even if you are not in the BCG, Taguig area, I recommend the drive down and getting a taste of Tomatito’s Spanish tapas!











201 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000



You’re looking for a place to dine in style and receive explicit service? I would recommend to dine at Sepia, to celebrate a special occasion or maybe if you have a few dollars to burn, to dine-in randomly. They did not dissapoint!

E and I are not frequent fine-dinners, and it was fresh of breath air to experience it again. We were seated early, as we arrived earlier. The interior spoke aloud the words of class, modern, comfort and security. In the sense, that throughout our experience, the floor staff was on point in their deliverance and timeliness.

Each plate we received had their own unique presentation and style, however the theme was consistent throughout. They dishes presented was Japanese-influenced. I believe we ended up doing the 9+ course, just because it was tasty throughout! I can’t tell you my favourite, but I can tell you I was full after. Scroll till the end!













Searock Grill

 5 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000


I don’t think it would be our last time here. We had dinner here after the movies and I must say that our time spent, was made exceptional by the waitstaff who was entertaining us.

Searock Grill  looks fine-dining, but it feels a bit casual with a hint of elegance. The view at the front where we sat, was breathtaking, especially since we were facing the harbour. A million-dollar backdrop!




Food was moderate in my opinion, it was more of the view and the experience that I had that made this place quite memorable. Prices were roughly about $15 – $40 from what I can remember.


Seafood Curry $35 – E liked the freshness of the Tasmanian mussels and how the Thai curry sauce blended smoothly over the prawns, fish and baby calamaris. 


Creamy Garlic Mushrooms $15 – I always love mushrooms, especially with garlic sauce and this hit the spot! The toasted toscana made it more wholesome. 


Ricotta Cheese Cake $14.50 – We weren’t going to order anything after since we were full, but our waiter was that good that we couldn’t say no. Sponge-type, not too sweet. For me, the mango taste was much heavier than the cheese flavour.

RATE: 3/5

Knafeh Bakery

A Jerusalem street-food inspired bakery is just what Sydney needs! Amongst the trendy cafes and restaurants, another is added in a form of a shipping container that moves location.


It’s a neat concept, especially since it is run by a Palestinian family which makes it feel more homely and let me tell you their service was on top! Knafeh is a Middle Eastern dessert, cheese to be more exact, that is ten topped with crushed pistachios and sugar syrup. To me it was like a large creme brûlée. The highlight of this night was the family feel of the place, sitting around a bon fire and eating under the stars. Oh and the fact that each baker was bearded, was definitely a sight! If you haven’t seen my Instagram, one went all out on my camera haha.

I’ll link a youtube video below of our experience.





IMG_2334 (1)



RATE: 4/5

Procrastinating right now

Having the biggest time-killing spree, I’m supposed to be studying Japanese because it’s almost the end of the semester yay! But I’ve been playing Sims 3, watching Youtube and planning whether to go for a McDonald’s run or not… I’m making my life more stressful hey?

A few nights ago, my partner and I went over a mate’s place to celebrate her graduation. I not only loved her new spanking house, but the fact that the people there was ok with my lazing about on the mattress. I’m not the type to socialize, so being around individuals who don’t expect too much (ya know like talking, etc) from me puts me in a happy place. She had her mattress out in front of her TV, it made it more comfortable for us while watching a movie and resting after what she had prepared for us!





Congratulations again to this hard-working, intelligent woman I see a bright future ahead of you lovely! (if you’re reading this heeelllerrrr)

~ MJ

House of Crabs

The Norfolk Hotel, Level 1, 305 Cleveland St, Redfern NSW 2016


A very spontaneous night indeed, went with two work mates after a long day of work to get some food in our bellies! I haven’t heard of this place and was so glad that I got introduced to this establishment, because I’ll be bringing my boyfriend the next time!


The service wasn’t exceptional or anything, firstly because it’s a very casual place to eat at so you see the waiters with denim jeans on and a black top with their logo. Though, our waitress was very lively! Thumbs up for her. She gave us a brief run down on the menu and gave us her recommendations on which items we should try out, since there was just only three of us. Very helpful, because we ended up choosing items that were recommended by her. Other than that, bar service was a bit slow. For example I asked for two shots took a while and when I went back to pay, the guy at the bar CLEARLY saw I was standing there for a good 2 or so minute and finally came up to me…


As you can see at the top, the interior will remind you of a eatery you’ll see in USA. Red and white seats and white covered tables! There was so much light I couldn’t believe it was still so dim haha. So you’ll see a lot of my pictures very blurry of the night. The crazy interior really showed that the restaurant was laid-back and was a place to just stuff your face with crabs. Numerous seats and tables, so it’s perfect for big groups and there was some areas for two/three people. It’s actually located on top of a pub/hotel so you have to walk up the stairs to get there, and as it’s just on the second level it wasn’t a very large establishment at all.



Laminated menu, why maybe because it’s menu only contained a few items which makes the whole selection process that much quicker, but I also think it’s because the eating experience is very messy. It leans more on the expensive side, because the portions you’ll get are quite large! Mostly seafood, from crabs, to prawns, mussels, salads and fried chicken!



BBQ Octopus Taco $6 – beautifully dressed with jalapeno salsa verde


Fried School Prawns $14 – I think this was the one I found very spicy, but it was soo good as well! It was dressed with thousand island salsa and chipotle mayo. The prawns reminded my a lot like fried dried fish.


Snow Crab $38 and King Crab $45 – the crabs came in two separate plastic bags and you can choose out of 4 sauces for each crab. 


The food was all fresh to eat, a lively place so you can wind down and chill out stuffing your face after work. The location is close by to Central Station so not much of a trek. The service was efficient and you don’t wait too long for your orders to come out. Pricing was average, on which I mean that the price matched up to my expectation on the items so it was well worth it. You also get plastic gloves (which we forgot to use haha) and utensils to use to scrape the meat out of the crabs. So all in all, it’s a very fun place to eat fresh seafood and get messy!


The biggest downside for me, is that I found the music way too loud. I already have a soft voice, and to have loud music playing over I had to notch my voice close to a shout just to be heard. The lighting is a bit too dim, I find that a bit problematic specifically for this restaurant because you end up with so many things on the table in the end and you might pick up the wrong thing. So basically, the music volume was the only issue.


The end result!

RATE: 4/5