Shari Shari Kakigori House

C127 GF, Serendra, BGC, Taguig Philippines



What a little treat to stumble across, when I was on a hunt after dinner for some dessert! I’m not really a fan of shaved ice, called kakigori in Japanese, but when I do come across an amazing one like this place, I’m made into a fan.

You’ll find Shari Shari nestled comfortably in a hub of restaurants, not too far away from the ever-popular Bonifacio High Street. There is an array of flavours to choose from and they are separated under ‘premium flavours’, ‘classic flavours’, ‘fruit flavours’ which you then can add additional toppings if you like! We opted for the ‘matcha cream special’, correct me if I’m wrong, which had kuromitsu, matcha cream syrup, cookies (inside) and the irresistible whipped cream. You just have to look at the picture I’ve taken below, to see how beautiful and enticing it looked. Mind you, it is even special when you taste it. The shaved ice was surprisingly fluffy, like super soft! The flavours were captured evenly throughout, there was no awkward spots left unflavoured. The whipped cream added that cherry on top, not too sweet and the kuromitsu gave the shaved ice the needed caramel touch to balance the sweetness. I loved how it didn’t melt quickly, so you can enjoy it a little longer. When you finally break into the middle, it only gets better as the flavours are more intense and you have the cookie crumbles to keep you going.

I could ramble on, oh and how I wish there was one amazing as this place nearby me! The pictures don’t do the kakigori justice, also it was massive. I shared with my partner which was the perfect size and honestly, if I had my own it would have been perfectly fine too.





Jambo Jambo African Restaurant

93 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW



Jambo Jambo is an Ethiopian restaurant, serving cuisines that are normally served in Ethiopia. Don’t be fooled with the size of the place, because it actually goes all the way back, accomodating to small-large groups comfortably. The interior was beautifully lavished with colour, quite entertaining actually, seeing works I believe was from Ethiopia and other parts of Africa.

The menu is filled with meat and vegetarian options, meat such as lamb, beef, goat and chicken. There’s actually quite a bit of items that are spicy or hot, which I think really makes their dishes come alive. We ordered the Jambo Course, which allowed us to choose up to 3 dishes, comes with a mixed entree and dessert afterwards. I found this super interesting and enjoyable, got to use our hands to break off chapati and fill it with our chosen meats! I highly recommend you ordering this, which is perfect for 2 people.

Service was quick, efficient, explained what items we had and I recommend you asking the team for recommendations if it’s your first time. The owner came out and kindly checked up on all the customers dinning, which I found was lovely. I’d love to come back, maybe with a larger group next time!






Harajuku Gyoza

1/14 Darling Dr, Sydney


Not too far away from some of the main attractions in Darling Harbour, Harajuku Gyoza is a welcoming spot for lunch or dinner! Offering a variety of Japanese gyoza, make sure to try them out and it’s great that it gives you either the option of grilled or poached. For a pack of 5, the price ranges from $8.30 – $11.80. My favourite is the crispy fried cheeseburger gyoza. They weren’t playing, as it literally tasted like the real deal! It was perfectly fried, crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. I forgot what filling the poached gyoza was, but it had the perfect moisture level and was super clean. Their menu has other traditional items, such as dons and izayaka sides.

Ordered the recommend soufflé, which was not only soft but had the perfect amount of sweetness which was exciting after each bite. The colour was blinding, do you see that yellow? But I honestly liked their Nutella gyoza compared to their soufflé, just because who does not like Nutella? Plus, it was incased in a delicious crispy fried casing.

Service was perfect, everything came out quickly! Ample amount of seating inside and out and their interior was awesome. It had this playful but also traditional look.

Speaker’s Corner Bar

120 Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla ACT 2600


The bar tenders were honestly the nicest, great-mannered I’ve encountered

It was one of those nights, where we wanted to relax and bask in the sounds surrounding us. Speaker’s Corner Bar was located within Hyatt Hotel Canberrra, where we stayed previously for a few nights. I’m very behind on the posts for our mini trip to Canberra.

Before things got a bit messy for me, from over-indulging of wines (I’m a light-weight), I had a taste of their dessert.


Caramel cheese cake flan $16 – Peanut butter, mango tuile, raspberry

Maybe I was a bit intoxicated by then, but this was the bomb! Put cheese cake and mango combined in front of me and you can boss me around the whole day haha. Seriously though, I wished that the flan was as large as the plate, it wasn’t enough!! The way it melted into my mouth…


Moet & Chandon Brut (France) $25 // Guinness Draught (Ireland) $12


I have forgotten what these were… but they were good 

It has a great vibe inside, large leather chairs and high tables/chairs with the bar in the middle. Fast service my the barmen, who kindly offered their suggestions with what drinks we should try and I think one of the barmen made me a drink from scratch (it’s probably the bottom picture on the right).

I say yes, to giving this place another go for their beautiful service.

RATE: 4/5


Ground Floor, SKYCITY Atrium 
Cnr of Federal and Victoria Streets, Auckland 



There’s only a few restaurants inside the Sky City Casino, we decided we didn’t want Asian because we’re Asian and we tried eating at the buffet but it was booked (damn!). A security guard pointed us outside to a few restaurants, which I previously read on before arriving at Auckland, but since we were lazy we opted to eat here instead. Longest reasoning haha.

This all-day-cafe turns into a fine dining restaurant by night. Dim lighted near the entrance, as you can see on the last pictures there’s a place well lit. It’s not too fancy where you have to dress up, since it was extremely cold I opted to wear something cosy but still nice. It’s contemporary design is easy on the eyes, I barely heard any background music which makes it a perfect place to have a lovely conversation. The staff were attentive… a bit. I don’t think they ever came back to refill our glasses. A young man did when he was setting up for our dessert.


I give them a thumbs up, for not restricting their establishment to bookings only! As you can see the ranges are $18 NZ +.


His: Moroccan seasoned lamb rump $27.50NZ  – The pumpkin puree was a perfect blend with the rump, as well as the pine nut with couscous salad, jus and watercress.

20140620_173436_resizedHers: Goat cheese and mushroom gnoochi $18.50NZ – was like melted cheese in my mouth, creamy and rich. It contained wilted baby spinach, parsley and broad beans.

20140620_180333_resizedShared: ooh unforgettable double chocolate slice, crunchy hazelnut, chocolate soil, hokey pokey ice cream. Just marvel in that presentation too!

RATE: 2/5

The Meat & Wine Co.

Darling Harbour level 1, 31 Wheat Rd, Sydney


Checked out the Meat and Wine Co. at Darling Harbour and entered for a quick sugar fix. The inside was much spacious and brighter compared to the one at Circular Quay.



I remember when we were waiting, that there was this couple who sat down and didn’t talk at all. Even when they got served their food they still didn’t talk. I just can’t do that, like why hang out at a place like Meat and Wine Co, if you’re not even going to converse?


2013 T’Gallant Pink Moscato $20 – I asked for their sweetest champagne and he recommended this. It was like drinking a lolly drink, I really want a bottle of my own now!

Looking through their enticing dessert menu we chose…


The Sweet Finale $29 – chocolate & pistachio fondant (my favourite); honey & cinnamon creme brûlée; berry pot cheesecake; milk tart and vanilla bean ice-cream

RATE: 3/5

Holy Basil

233A Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights NSW 2166


Second time being here, but came here purely because I was craving for some fried ice cream and I think Holy Basil does it best.

image[1] 2


If you ever decide dining here, it’s best to book reservations ESPECIALLY during dinner times because it gets booked out!


I always found their green plastic cups to be odd, yes to the colour but I think they should use glass instead

image 2

Yep, going to jump straight to the yummies…


Mine: Holy Basil Fried Ice Cream $13.90 – ice-cream wrapped in pastry, fried and served with special caramel sauce and coconut crunches.


His: Sticky Coconut Rice Pudding & Mango $13.90 – this seasonal dish was hummers! It was a blend of a tiny bit of savoury to sweet. The mango helped sweeten the rich pudding.

RATE: 4/5