13.8 – 19.8

“Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination To Succeed Is Strong Enough.”

– Og Mandino





13/8 I cannot rave enough about this new anime, Demon Slayer. It is actioned-packed, drawings are beautiful, the colours are amazing and the story-line is solid! Main characters are solid, their story backgrounds and abilities are explained in great detail and they each have their own sense of humour. So it’s not all dark and sentimental all the time. I’m on episode 7 at the moment, I do however feel episodes 3-5 were a tad too fast. It could’ve been extended a bit more and how the main character’s abilities came to be, could have been extended to show how it acquired it? I don’t know maybe I’m old-school and I like to see training sessions haha. Anyways, not all hope is lost in the anime world, Demon Slayer will quench your thirst for some fun anime!

Praying for those women who were attacked today, and hats off to those brave individuals who cornered the individual. It’s scary but also comforting to know, that the public will come to protect its society, when someone tries to eliminate the peace.

14/8 That little devil thought keeps popping back, questioning my satisfaction with life now and regrets. I honestly think, wallowing in regrets is one of the most hardest challenges to get through. It challenges your past and essential your current decisions, where you are at life right now. I must admit I have a few regrets, regrets with the environment, who I associate myself with and the decisions I made or let pass. Constantly having to remind myself, the past cannot be changed and it is in the present where wrongs can be made better. Does anyone have an advice on this?

16/8 Getting back into mangas now. Since my Demon Slayer obsession has not been quenched, I’m going to read the manga. So far the the anime has been true to the manga, which is bloody awesome! Will be heading out to Marrickville tonight, for a pop-up event… a real-life Pac Man maze. Freaking can’t wait, I’ll post a review soon.

17/8 Season 2 of Mind Hunter is out on Netflix, yay! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since the first season aired. It’s such an underrated drama, but honestly it was amazing, the plot and the performances of the actors were mesmerising. Anyways, got to start on one of my assignments whilst re-watching Attack on Titan, so I can understand season 3.

19/8 I am in now full cramming mode, got 3 assignments due within 2 weeks. Oh and they’re not your 15-30%, they are over! Ugh I do this to myself every semester 😥


23.6 – 2.7

“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”

– Brene Brown





23/6 Taking control of your own life, is truly a challenge. Finding that right balance of confidence, love whilst taking care of your physical, mental and basic needs is something I’m still struggling with. I think it was just last year, that I’ve been slowly getting some order and control of my life. I would like to highlight slowly. I’ve taken some drastic measures, moving on from people, situations that are giving me no benefit to my self-love process. Taken risks with situations and making it an opportunity for myself, whether it be in my education, career or social life. Don’t be afraid to let go of things you feel are stopping you from growing. Right now, I’ve got my social life kinda in check, relationship balance in check and education running. I have to remind myself not to get so impatient with my career goals, slow and steady. But also to make situations into a opportunity.

26/6 Wednesdays are always great, lucky to be in an environment that is supportive, patient, real and your input is valued. Sadly, it’s a sad and frequent reality being in an environment where you are negatively criticised, unfairly managed and undervalued. My Tuesdays on the other hand, is on a wobbly start. I might have to just keep an open mind to the current environment, be patient and see how it is. I can always say goodbye to it. Tomorrow I have a little excursion!

27/6 The excursion today was lovely, I definitely need to go back and visit. The other highlight was the homemade scones, other yummy treats and the tea! We were seated on  an airy verandah, looking out towards the lovely backdrop of the suburb whilst enjoying out late afternoon treats.

28/6 Basking today as much as possible, because it’s my only day which I have nothing planned. My next free day won’t be until this coming Thursday. Anyways, been watching Marlena Stell’s video titled ‘Dear Influencers’. I absolutely love in how she’s presenting her information with grace, the right balance of constructive criticism and compliments. To be honest I’ve not tried any of Makeup Geek’s products, I’m not really an eyeshadow type of user, as evident in my blog.

30/6 Woke up to reading the news of Jeon Mi Sun’s passing. What an amazing actress, I’ve loved her roles in so many notable dramas.


15.5 – 21.5

15/5 My lack of posts last ‘Discover’ post was kind of embarrassing. I’ll try and make an effort this week. Today’s agenda, is to get two assignments done by Monday and start the third next week. The third is due the two following Mondays. I think my brain is literally about to explode. I am also finally getting back to the gym, after a 3-4 day break. Going to need to burn them bubble tea and quick Chinese food.

16/5 Day whatever now trying to get this damn report done, so I can move on to the next two assignments. This sucks! I feel like everyday is dedicated to work, cause of the pile up of the assignments.

17/5 Got exciting news, my first item created! Now got to think about packaging, how it’s going to look on social media and shipping fees. Who knew there’s a lot of processes to think about, before making it available to the public. It is quite slow, but I hope to get it out before the end of the year. I was planning two crafts this year, but we’ll see.

18/5 Today went way too fast. Snuck in a late brunch of Pizza Hut, halo halo and gym! In other news, I am in love with NIKI’s new album ‘wanna take this downtown?’. The continuous theme, vibe and sound is just beautiful. I want to see her live!!

19/5 Track work today ugh.

21/5 Well this post got scheduled a day earlier, so I’ll just insert this entry in. GOT last night, got me teary again. Seriously how tragic was Dany’s end? I knew it was going to happen, but boy oh boy, I felt angry with how her downfall got written. What a ride, 8 years and now Mondays are back to being boring.


“The wisest are the most annoyed at the loss of time.”

– Dante Alighieri

31/10 : I have the biggest nerves for tomorrow’s new role. It is always like this before starting a new role, I know it’ll be fine but I also feel anxious that something bad might happen. Which is ridiculous, because I know mistakes are bound to happen due to lack of knowledge at the start. I think I am also nervous because it means new people and another professional environment. Wish me luck! Finally received the welcome kit from Plan International, I’ll posts pictures of it soon. Basically what you get is a nice snapshot of the child’s background, picture, letter from the CEO, postcard and envelope with suggestions on what to write to the child. You can of course do this electronically. I absolutely love the postcard method, it brings back memories. I am debating whether I should go for a cardio session before work, about 5:30am. Fingers crossed.

2/11 : Did I make the right choice, jumping on board once again on the full time grind? It has been great so far, the role is insightful but does require a lot of standing. Also I find it refreshing to not be micro-managed, I can clock in and out, have lunch whenever just that I have to do the required work and number of hours per week. Plus I have my own desk, which I think I’ll keep to a bare minimal since it is temporary. Luckily my physical semester is done, so the stress is minimal but my distance learning will be starting in less than 2 weeks. So I’ll have to dedicate time for that also. Next week will be me starting 38 hours across 4 days, I’ll let you know my thoughts on this. Wish me luck for my exam tomorrow!

3/11 : The exam today was a major flop I believe. Strongly believe. Anyways, I think I am still all over the place not knowing how I am going to manage my life for the next few weeks. Full-time work, placement, casual role and part-time studies. When I line up all those responsibilities, I can see there is little room for myself. Now I call sleep, naps. What is even sleep. I’ll need to tell myself to take it week by week and structure my days. Pushing back my workouts to weekends… So frustrating. I suppose this is what I’ll need to do to improve my career path.

5/11 : How am I going to wake up early tomorrow! I am planning to start at 7AM so I can spread the work hours evenly throughout the 4 days. Oh man and then a short shift in the evening tomorrow, so that would be a 12 hour working day… I will definitely be removing my weekday evening shifts. I truly believe in working smartly.






~ MJ

Nourish Daily Moisturizer | Sensitive Skin


Kate Somerville | Mecca Maxima

I might consider purchasing this moisturizer, it is highly refreshing to the skin and it smells amazing! If you are not too keen with the “fragrance” this might turn you away, but seriously it isn’t harsh to your senses. I packet was more than enough for my face, and it helped reduce the dryness throughout the day.

Recommend to use during the AM and PM and it states it assists with the prevention of ageing skin.


“To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment”

– Jane Austin




Its always special to find individuals who understand personal schedules. I met with an old friend V, who has grown so much! Still the same, humble, non-judgemental person but there’s a hint of maturity that happens when one ages. E and I ate at 12 Spices, where we caught up with each others’ life. Watch out for this fashionista, who’ll be hitting up the blogging world soon.

 Living with the boyfriend, I never expected the changes to one’s lifestyle and added responsibilities it will bring. One thing for sure, I appreciate the times I visit to see my family. Being flexible and adjusting to the partner’s lifestyle and seeing eye-to-eye with our current living space. We have agreed to set one colour scheme, which is white, so adding anything else will be much easier. The best thing though, is that he isn’t fussed with what I decorate the room with. Not unless it isn’t something we can both use. Let me tell you, his room was a blank canvas.

There’s a four events I’m especially looking forward to, the closest event is the science MASSive Lates! Definitely going to get my geek on and go crazy! I’ll update you on this once it’s passed.

~ MJ

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”

– Henry Ford






I had completely forgotten that this post was to be scheduled at noon! So here I am redoing it again, with content.

I’ve made a decision to drop down to one unit this semester and working only a few days in a week. This is primarily because, I want to spend more time for myself. I’d rather drop down hours and study, than fail the unit at the end of the semester. Once the 3 months of this semester finishes, I’ll pick up more hours. I stumbled into a market, called the Kiribilli Markets once I got off at Milsons Point. Unfortunately, I had no cash on me so I couldn’t purchase anything.

Vlogs are such a different type of entertainment, which I have been recently obsessed. Some of my favourites on Youtube – beautycrushvlogs, BenjiManTV, clothesencounters, fashionista804, HAUSOFCOLOR, itsJudysLife, sWooZie, WahlieTV, Sarocha B and sooo much more. So be sure to check them out! Inside Out… was an incredible film, in terms of the story-line, characters and the message it illustrates to all ages.

Did a bit of more cosmetic/skin shopping which I am excited to use and share them on this blog, once I get the feel of it. I’ve been loving the line of Ole Henriksen though, truly refreshing.

~ MJ