Sweet Lip Duo – Tulip



The sweet lip duo in tulip does two things, works as a lip scrub and provides tinted balm for your lips. This dual functional lip package, is cruelty free and claims to be long wearing. The price point is at 379 pesos at the moment and is 7.1 grams, made to be easily packed with your other beauty products! The packaging is very girly, with pink sakura and flower motifs, against blocks of white, green and shades of pink. The case that holds the balm and scrub is convenient, it reminds me of those cute cases used back in the 90s. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and circle in shape. You just need to snap the case open, to reveal the scrub in the bottom layer, snap it close again and then snap the top layer to reveal the balm and small mirror. The packaging does not feel luxe, but you can tell it was well thought of.

I won’t list out the ingredients, but rather highlight the first two listed ingredients for each component of the lip duo. The balm has mineral oil and polyisobutene, where mineral oil is commonly found in lotions, baby lotions and other personal care products. Mineral oil is lightweight and helps reduce loss of water from the skin, helping the skin to retain its moisture. Whereas, polyisobutene is a non-skin-penetrating ingredient that helps a product in enhancing its texture. In terms of the scrub, it has castor seed oil and sucrose as its first two ingredients. Castor seed oil is commonly found in scrubs, as it helps condition and sooth chapped lips. With the added sucrose ingredient, the scrub is able to decongest flaky lips, as the smalls grains provide a natural exfoliant.

For me, I find this duo perfect for everyday use because of its easy use. The scrub is non-abrasive, non-sticky and although the scent smells like old-perfume, it does its job. The balm is lightweight and the tulip was perfect for an everyday wear, it matched perfectly with my lip colour. There’s a light sheen to it, so you can definitely layer the balm with a clear or tinted gloss. The tinted balm is buildable and although it is not highly moisturising, it keeps my lips protected for 1-2 hours.

Would I get it again… yes, it would also make a great gift for both girls and women alike. A great everyday product, which is major! It won’t break your bank and it’s such an easily applied product, it makes a great edition to one’s beauty lip collection.




Smart Drawing Blusher



What drew me into this Innisfree’s blush, was the three shades available. The three shades similarly had that natural pinkish blush look, which I find is great to use for an everyday wear. The colour payoff is not harsh and looks almost airy, when applied and blended out. I believe I bought 03, which reminds me of a softer barbie baby orange-pink. I like the applicator actually, it helps with spreading out the cream blush first, but I wouldn’t recommend just using it to blend it out. I would just use my fingers to evenly blend the blush, as I could control the areas I want to concentrate in and give it a more satin-like finish.

For only $13, this blush is a steal! You can easily build the intensity, it is non-sticky and has no fragrance that I can detect. It has a sheer shine to it, no glitters and specks which is a plus! So it looks great over foundation or on days when you’ve just got face lotion/suncreen on.



Blemish Rescue Anti-Redness Mattifying Primer



A generous amount is needed to cover completely, because I find it quite sheer when it spreads. The formula is weightless, no scent and is lotion-like. The primer is surprisingly green, which makes sense, as the green mineral pigments help neutralise any redness on the face. Additional ingredients that it is packed with to cover blemishes, are chamomile and arnica.

This primer is priced towards the mid-high end. I use this primer, especially on days when my redness won’t go away and on special occasions. I find that it works amazing on drier days and when I know I might be out in the sun. To some degree, this primer controls face shine.

The result is great, it does not feel sticky and truly diminishes mid-faint redness on my face. As it is quite sheer, more amount is required and is completely buildable, without it looking “cakey”.



Bear Naked Wipes



Reasonably priced for wipes that does a  great job keeping your skin nourished, whilst removing your makeup. I love how the packaging is comprised, so it can be conveniently brought with you on the go.

Argan oil-infused these wipes does not leave your skin dry. Where in fact, you can use these wipes to just refreshen your face, especially in Aussie summers you can easily be drenched in sweat. A slight hint of scent lingers but doesn’t get in the way. For me, I would need at least 2 wipes to remove my makeup, but it is great for spot removals.



RATE: 3/5

Clean It Zero



Do not be put off with the sorbet-like texture, it is super lightweight! This remover is amazing and I love how you need just a little, to remove even heavy cake you have on. Casing looks fabulous, also the balm does not have any over-whelming scent.

Simple to use, once in contact with your warm skin it easily breaks down your makeup. If you have sensitive skin like me, it does not irritate it and keeps it feeling soft afterwards. Just be sure to use a cloth, as I do find it sometimes difficult to remove. There are other balms for other skin-types, and it is guaranteed that I will be trying out the others!




Juno x Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil



3 drops is all I need, and I use this after toning my face/neck and before any serums. I believe that by using this before my serum, it better absorbs and enhances the serum. Other than that, I wouldn’t really use it before makeup, for example like my skin, I would be an oily mess at the end of the day.

What I love about this face oil, is not only the gorgeous boxing and bottle, but once applied you can see the difference. You will have this glow as well as looking moisturized. It was a perfect pat over when I was in Bali, before my day started as well as before bed.

Inside you will find: vitamin C, essential amino acids, antioxidants, omegas 3, 6 and 9 – you are double protected from signs of ageing and harmful UV rays.



RATE: 5/5

Flawless White Lightening Day Cream



I have not tried this cream under make-up as of yet, but I have been using it consistently on days where I do not wear make-up. Even when I am just indoors for the whole day, I love how it keeps my skin moist and balanced throughout.

It is not like any other cream, it feels almost like a primer but a tad creamier. Since using it, I find that my dark spots has faded, as well as further brightening my complexion. The day cream is also scentless which is perfect. For me, a little dab here and there covers the face beautifully.




RATE : 4/5

Studded Kiss Lipstick x Underage Red



Aside from the chic-looking monochromatic case… nope not aside, it looks and feels fabulous. I just adore the unique incorporation of the studded design.

With a variety of colours to choose from, I was given the Underage Red which I find is a beautiful shade for morning and night. It applies a bit matte, with a little shine which could be brilliantly paired with any neutral clothing. Though it is combined with an antioxidant complex, providing moisture it is really not much difference. Also, for me even after applying lipliner underneath, it was not long-wear.




Tea Tree Water



I highly advise this at night, as it helps reduce the redness and blemishes for the next day. I am not entirely a fan of the spray, as it sprits large amounts from the bottle. The lush consultant did state that it would be great to spray throughout the day, but I think it may ruin the hold of the makeup.

Tea tree is known to a fantastic cleanser, as it is antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial. It also contains grapefruit for increased vitamins, also is lightly astringent and has a mixture of juniperberry to assist with cleaning the skin.

For me, I do find it best to use once makeup has been removed and cleansed. I use this straight after and then continue with my night-time skin products.



RATE: 3/5

Argan Enlightment Illuminiser



I got this as a sample within the last Mecca Maxima member’s box. I heard a lot of good things about this liquid illuminizer and it did not fail to impress! The glow that it brings out is amazing and bold, but be sure to use a little as it goes a long way.

A velvety gold liquid is pumped out which is laced with argan oil, madonna lily and poet’s narcissus to further brighten. It is not shimmery and creates a subtle highlight. 1 – 2 dabs is all I need, but feel free to add more especially on a night out, your highlights will surely dazzle.