Mr. Cafe

Shop 11/418 Darling St, Balmain NSW 2041



Visited during a bright lit day, it was a refreshing start. With plentiful street parking, Mr. Cafe is located comfortably in a quiet suburb, with ample open indoor and outdoor seating. The staff are friendly, prompt and I can say the same thing when the food came out. Coffee was strong but beautifully roasted.

I got what I heard was popular from their menu, which was the ricotta filled cinnamon doughnuts. It was tastefully topped with honey, ginger and peach crumbs and half a peach on the side. The dough was sugary and soft and with the fillings, it gave another hit of sweetness. Ordered another plate of sandwich, separating chicken, avocado and eggs. I definitely would come back!






Avenue on George

200 George Street Sydney 2000, Tenancy 2








 I had visited during the busy lunch hour, found right across from a major company. You can either order your coffee and be off your way, or choose to casually dine amongst business suits.

The menu consists of modern, seasonal produce and serves from breakfast to lunch. I loved the interior, mostly consisted of browns against white and grey, I can imagine people having frequent meetings within. Enough about the interior, let’s talk about the food! Fresh, it deceivingly does not look filling but it sure was. I had particularly liked mine, which I believe was the Avenue Veggie Breakie Bowl.

Service was efficient and looked polished. The only downside is that the waiter got my coffee mistaken, but hey it still taste good!

TopHat Coffee Merchants

315 Clovelly Road, Clovelly NSW 2031


Cafes like this makes me wish I had a quaint, relaxed cafe. A place where a bunch of mates or solo adventurers would sit down, wind down and eat some good old lunch

Stepping inside with its high windows and small floor plan, it brought the whole eating experience to a pleasurable minimal. We chowed down our freshly-made meals, I opted for a classic avocado, spinach, tomato sandwich and he a large breakfast plate.

You can never go wrong with a classic cafe, one that welcomes an abundance of sun and refreshing green juice.






Kingswood Coffee

10/680 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Nowadays I would visit this coffee place once in a blue moon, because previously I would visit this place religiously during my break. & the reason being was my cravings for this:


Remember that cronut craze? I don’t know if it’s just as popular as it was before. But believe me, when I say that this is the best I’ve tasted. Its taste is delicately sweet, once you bite into it there is no turning back (unless of you want to get more). The top may look similar to a Krispy Kreme doughnut, hell no, it’s just on another level. It’s not too sweet and it blends well with the pastry. Gulp this down with their organic hot chocolate, and you’re in heaven.

RATE 5/5

The Tuckshop

Shop 1/78 Glenhaven Road, NSW, Australia 

After seeing pictures of this newly established cafe, their mouth-watering burgers, thin chips and cute coffee cups that says a warm message that includes your name, I decided that I needed to check this place out!

You won’t find a place like this near The Hills area, I think this cafe and take-away shop actually dominates the “hipster” cafe scene in the Western suburbs of Sydney. Most cafes are actually located near the city, so finding one out west is rare. A genius idea by ex-Parramatta Eels player Nathan Hindmarsh and co-partners Ricky Row, Mike Ico and Matthew Stone. 


You can never go wrong with an All-Day breakfast menu! If you’re like me who wakes up late, you’ll love what they’ll offer for breakfast. Their menu pricing is low-mid range.


Their layout is unique and small, with only a few tables outside, and one large table inside. The location is perfect as it’s located next to a park and field. With one register, I can imagine that on busy days their would be a long line.


Not so smooth green smoothie $7 – Kale, Spinach, Berries, Banana, Mint & Coconut Water


Mine: The Lot $16 – Beef patty, bacon, egg, cheese, beetroot relish, tomato, lettuce with smokey house bbq sauce.


His: Down South Burger $15 – Southern fried chicken burger, corn and avo salsa, slaw & franks hot sauce – I was going to order this but I saw the hot sauce and was like nope haha.

They all are served with old bay seasoned chips… oh the chips were so nicely seasoned! The burgers were delicious! I heard that their The Cheesy burger is the house favourite, so I’m going to go back and try that out. If you’re looking for a quick food fix, this place is perfect. Their menu has a variety of items to choose from and the price range is not too high.


Remember earlier when I said they had that cute messages, I went back and ordered myself a skim cappuccino and did not regret it. It was strong, but it was so smooth that I could hardly taste the caffeine.

RATE: 4/5

The Australian Coffee School

5/250 Pitt St  Sydney NSW 2000

A few days ago, I booked myself a class on making coffee because I wanted to work as a barista. So I hoped onto Groupon and got myself a deal, I forgot the price but I got to learn the basics of coffee making and how to use the machine. It went for 3 hours and there was also a separate class later that evening where the teacher taught the students how to create latte art. Though I had class later that evening so I just chose the morning class.

It was situated in a small room, with a few machines and a small square table in the middle. The teacher was friendly, but I thought she would go more in depth on the making, since I shared with her she didn’t really give me enough time to use the machine… I got the gist of it but I would say I need more practice and honestly I forgot how much expresso you need in what type of coffee.


This is  the only photo I took on the day, and she taught has a layering latte which looked cool but it had to much milk for my liking.

Overall, since I got it for a cheap price so it was ok but only if they gave more practice time and focused a lot more on the students. The hard part for me especially was foaming the milk! I got burnt during the process haha. I might look for another course to take or just buy myself a small coffee machine to play on.

RATE: 2/5

Pie Tin

1a Bron Street, Newtown


I have been wanting to visit this bakery/cafe for a while now, and since I’ve been holed up in my room studying, last Saturday I chose to eat away from home and try this out. As you can see from the picture above, Pie Tin looks like any other intimate cafe. It’s along a street in Newtown, secluded from other busier eateries outside.

So inside the cafe when you first enter is that you see a large square high-table, and little tables on one side of the cafe. My partner didn’t really like the large square table but I found it unique.



This self is where you help yourself to utensils and water.


Barista’s section


I really liked their interior, it felt homely and comfortable.


Their selection of hot pies were interesting! There were a few ingredients which I never thought using in a pie, I will definitely come back and try them all.


What I loved about this place, was their savoury pie meal deals, it’s not pricey at all! You get one savoury pie and two cold/hot sides for the price of about $11-$13!


They also sold alcoholic beverages, like wine in a glass, beers, ciders and bubbles. Since I was going to study for the rest of that day, I couldn’t drink 😦


While we waited, we were given this small bowl tins which matched with their concept. The service was friendly as well as quick, so we didn’t have to wait long for our orders.


Mexican chicken with red kidney beans and sour cream + two salad – I liked the combination of the red beans and sour cream, it gave the chicken a smoother and sweeter flavour.


Southern style shredded pork with apple and BBQ sauce – this tasted like any other meaty pie, I wasn’t quit fond of this because I found the flavouring too bland.


Banana milkshake $5.50 – was so delicious! It tastes fresh and with the added blended ice-cream it was refreshing!


Double roasters specialty coffee (Cappuccino) $3.50 – just made my day a lot better.

I’m going to go back and try their sweet menu, because from what I saw they were soooo appealing! It’s a bit of a drive if you do not live in the city, but if you’re close by or have time to burn then why not visit this cafe, to just chill and eat! Even though the meal is served on a small tin plate, it looks small but honestly it was the perfect size because you’re definitely going to feel full… if not get another pie!

RATE: 4/5