Pore Triple Action Cleansing Stick



Talk about the convenience of removing makeup on the go! I was thinking of bringing along my usual large pot of balm overseas, but luckily thought otherwise. This cleansing stick starts off as a balm which you can directly slide on your face, then into an oil and with a bit of water into foam.  With my experience, it does not entirely transform into a foam like texture in the end, mind you I tried various amounts of water.

The end result is that your makeup will be somewhat removed, however further cleansing after this product is recommended. I would use another foam cleanser after this product and/or makeup wipes prior, to ensure everything is removed. My skin did not feel dry nor irritant, for the price point you get a lot out of the product and the convenience of carrying it is a major plus. However, since extra steps is required I won’t be likely to re-purchase.




Pomegranate Cleansing & Make Up Removing Wipes



A great ‘go-to’ if you are either too tired to wash your face or wanting to wipe away the remaining cosmetics. This is my first product to try from the Korres range and I am liking the natural ingredients used, how it doesn’t have a heavy scent, cruelty-free and knowing it is free from parabens, sulfaets and phthalates.

I chose this because it is made for oily to combination skin types, its dual function as a makeup remover as well as a skin balancer and toner. The material is sturdy but not harsh to the skin, it may not completely remove stubborn makeup, I recommend  to use this as a last remover step. The product quickly dries if not sealed completely, it would have been better if it had a sturdy lid.


Radiance Brightening Cleansing Wipes

Deemed as “No. 1 – UK Cleanser Brand“, this cleansing wipe by Simple is remarkable! I’ll tell you why…


Like most cleansing wipes I’ve been through, it doesn’t 100% remove all the make-up off my face, it just almost does. But that’s not the thing I’m raving about. I’m a happy customer because of the added mango extract! It genuinely helps brighten my skin after a wipe, as well as the added moisturisers makes this product perfect for sensitive skin types, like me.


Even when I didn’t apply any makeup on during the day, before I start my cleansing routine at night, I use one of the 25 wipes to remove dirt and excess oil. The result really makes me want to buy another, but I’m the type to buy another and see how it goes.

I will definitely keep this on my ‘top picks’ when I recommend products to others. Sorry guys, I forgot how much it was, but I think I bought it from Priceline.

RATE: 4/5