“The Christmas tree is a symbol of love, not money. There’s a kind of glory to them when they’re all lit up that exceeds anything all the money in the world could buy.”

– Andy Rooney

Merry belated Christmas to you all! Hope you all had a good one, and I hope the happy festivities continues onto the new year!

On Christmas Day, E and I opted to visit the Scenic World which I have not visited since I was a child. Mostly everything is closed during this day, our other choice was to drive down to a beach. Started our day off quite late, and after visiting the centre we headed back to celebrate at E’s. Presents were given and received. Super keen to drive out a few new products, received as a present, from the line Sukin.

I might have to re-think about the German classes, just because it does cost a tad bit. Prioritizing instead, both ballet and sabre fencing. Oh and saving up for NY18 trip 🙂






~ MJ

Stamford Hotel and Resorts

Herring Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113


For Christmas, I spent the whole day and a night at Stamford Hotel and Resorts with my bf’s family. It was a really nice difference to spend Christmas with another side of my family. Me and my bf had our own room, which was quite nice of bf’s mother to pay, where we got our own Queen size bed and other amenities.


Don’t you just love newly made hotel beds? It was like sleeping on clouds




There was an outdoor pool which I didn’t go into because it was too cold! The indoor pool was a tad warmer but the lighting inside was too dim. It’s a decent size pool, both indoors and outdoors. There was also a spa outside, which me and my bf went in under the rain, it was warm thank gawd! We also went to the one bar, and bought ourselves $17 cocktails.


Japanese Slide – Forgot what was in it, but it was like lime, midori, cointreau, etc

Overall the place was ok, seriously I thought it was a place for retirees. Maybe because when we walked inside, it was just filled with older people, there was only one restaurant, one bar and really not much to do. The rooms were spread across a long hall and the room service was decently timed. There’s this rock that has a little bridge that connects to the other side, and it smelt so bad inside! There was bird poo everywhere which was really disgusting, as a well known hotel brand, they should really keep up their image.

RATE: 3/5


I missed out on the Iconic catwalk, where the online shoppers were able to get back up to $300 of their purchases this month, I missed out because of work so I reckon it would have been a fun experience!

I bought a few rushed items again for a friend’s Christmas party, and opted for a white theme.


1&20 Blackbirds: Lace & Love Dress $29.98 – Boyfriend thought I looked like a fairy wearing this haha.


Spurr: Lucy Heels $39.95 – Quite comfortable, wasn’t too high.


10 Bells: Spike Edge Pink Stone Stretch Bracelet $11.87


1&20 Blackbirds: Grid Statement Necklace $14.95

Christmas Shopping

I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to go Christmas shopping, so I’ve got less than 1 week! Most of the items I  bought was purchased online, thank God for the internet, which helped me save a lot of money and time. I still waiting for my brothers’ purchases online, which I think will not arrive on time, and have to still buy my in-laws present but am waiting for my debit card to come through.

Yep, really last minute stuff. But at least I got my boyfriend’s present on time, hopefully he likes it because though I know he is not entirely picky he is still somewhat? haha yes I know I’m confusing. What I really like the most of this season is not only the big sales that goes on, but also the decorations and that happy festive feeling! Honestly, only if it was Christmas everyday. So what I need to do is start wrapping the gifts I’ve got and start praying that the other gifts arrive on time.

Hope you all are ready for Christmas and the coming New Year ❤

Bon Bon

412-414 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

I went back to The Strand Arcade located at the corner of Pitt St Mall, Sydney, after my recent discovery of the place. It is honestly an eye-opener especially seeing the bright red christmas tree in the middle of the arcade. It reminded me a lot like places in London, even though I haven’t been.

I went into a store called Bon Bon Fine Chocolate for more Christmas purchases. It is Australian owned that produces fine chocolates, with an incredible range. It’s quite small inside so I had to squeeze my way through, and bought two things:



85% Dark Chocolate 81g $9.70



8 Piece Chocolate box $16 – I forgot what’s inside this brown box, all I know was it was randomly chosen chocolates for the holiday season.

Unfortunately I won’t be getting to taste these fine chocolates because they are Christmas gifts, but I might go back when I have free time to buy myself some goodies!

Pigeon Hole

I have been obsessed with this store when it opened next to where I work. This is what the store has to say for it self:

Founded in 2007, Pigeonhole seeks to bring visitors the latest in fashion, giftware, homeware, and analogue photography. Each item in our range is either created in-house or hand picked from quality local and international labels. We love creativity. We thrive on unique personality. And it’s this spirit that guides our philosophy of an open and collaborative company that regards its customers as friends.

Unique is the one word I can best describe the store… and because of my obsession I decided to purchase three items, 3 for $60, for my partner’s sister. I couldn’t think of what gift to give for her for Christmas, but I knew she couldn’t say no to this.


Pattern Painted Studs $11


Studded Heart Studs $24


Leopard Studs $25

I was going to get myself 3 items as well because of the  awesome sale they just had, I don’t know if it’s still on, but thought otherwise because I already bought myself an early Christmas gift haha.