Ettalong Beach

From the 10th to the 12th of July, E and I decided to squeeze in a little vacation to a spot in Central Coast, Sydney. We decided to check out Ettalong Beach, where it was blissfully calm and relaxed, different from the concrete maze of the city. Even though we planned to go on a trek, didn’t happen, because we quite enjoyed the comforts beneath the sheets in a new town.

It was a change that was needed, from the constant hustle and stresses of appointments who wouldn’t want to relax? For me, it is important to have these “time-offs” with only people you trust, it can be anywhere really.

There will be a future post of the apartment we stayed at as well as the restaurants/cafes we stopped by. It is a quiet town, where you instantly feel safe. From what I saw it was majority elderlies and some young adults. The area where we stayed at had a town centre, where their only cinema was located [quite small but beautiful inside] and elegant restaurants inside. It was the market that was held on the weekends, that brought vibe and colours – it was breathtaking inside!








~ MJ


1/175 Ocean View Rd, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257


You cannot miss this cute cafe, with its bright yellow-striped decorations, beach-inspired interior and wide windows. It is a charming place to eat before a full day ahead.

I loved how airy it was, letting in that sweet, fresh coastal air. You can either choose to eat inside or outside in their gorgeous quaint garden.

I’ve definitely noticed, a cafe trend of having their menus on a clipboard. It is probably because of the cost-effective benefits, but also gives that easy, casual vibe. We visited during breakfast and we had a hard time choosing from their dishes… it all looked tasty! All fresh, produced locally. Prices ranged from $13+ and if you’re a Campos coffee fan, it is their main source.

Polite service and timely served, I’d love to visit again.






IMG_2941 (1)

IMG_2912 (1)

Hers: Rocket omelette with marinated feta, asparagus and Coast relish on toast $16

IMG_2911  His: Sourdough toast with poached free range eggs, Coast relish, wilted spinach and baked beans $16


Soy latte


Amalfi – a blend of beetroot, carrot, celery, apply and pineapple $6.50 


Revive – pear, apple and lime

RATE: 5/5