Glamour | Petite

IMG_3708Chloe Jane Candle Co $10

My second purchase from their petite sized collection, Glamour is a candle that encompasses the sweet scents of strawberries and moscato. Elaborately described as smelling like “taking selfies… happy, lively, young and free“.

Burning time was smooth, evenly spreading the scent throughout the bedroom. I’d say about 6 hours roughly, straight, it burnt all the soy wax. An absolute killer in setting a calm mood.


RATE: 4/5

Revitalise | Petite


Chloe Jane Candle Co $10

I was so excited for this package to come in! I recently looked into the soy candle alternatives, and let me tell you it really amplifies the scent! Also, you can use the soy once it cools down as a moisturiser, how neat is that. Delivery, if you are in Sydney, is roughly about 1 week or so and it comes in a cute white box.

Candles are personally poured, knowing that makes the product even more special because it feels it has been well cared for. If you get what I mean? It is layered with lemon, lime, vanilla, amber, mandarin, coconut and orange. Burn time for me lasted for under 5 hours, for this size, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of purchasing the ‘petite’ size. The scent is soothing, relaxing, not too strong so it is perfect for a burn right before bed.


RATE: 4/5

Glasshouse Fragrances


I don’t know if the candle phase is over, but I know that maybe for a few months I remember seeing an influx of pictures of people using candles. When they’re having a bath, drinking tea, on their table filled with books, etc. So I gave in and tried it myself haha. I bought this, I forgot the price, and tried out Glasshouse Fragrances. They had a variety of scents, so I opted to try this triple scented candle – Amalfi Coast (Sea Mist). Very relaxing, it takes a few minutes of burning before you can smell the fragrance. I still haven’t used it all, so I’ll wait till I burn this down before I try another brand.


It comes in a cute 60mg candle jar, so it’s not hefty to take the candle with you for a quick candle fix! Beautifully designed, and the aroma reminds me of the sea. Makes me wish sometimes I lived in a house next to the beach, watching the sunset and being able to read with no disruptions.

RATE: 3/5