Sweet Lip Duo – Tulip



The sweet lip duo in tulip does two things, works as a lip scrub and provides tinted balm for your lips. This dual functional lip package, is cruelty free and claims to be long wearing. The price point is at 379 pesos at the moment and is 7.1 grams, made to be easily packed with your other beauty products! The packaging is very girly, with pink sakura and flower motifs, against blocks of white, green and shades of pink. The case that holds the balm and scrub is convenient, it reminds me of those cute cases used back in the 90s. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and circle in shape. You just need to snap the case open, to reveal the scrub in the bottom layer, snap it close again and then snap the top layer to reveal the balm and small mirror. The packaging does not feel luxe, but you can tell it was well thought of.

I won’t list out the ingredients, but rather highlight the first two listed ingredients for each component of the lip duo. The balm has mineral oil and polyisobutene, where mineral oil is commonly found in lotions, baby lotions and other personal care products. Mineral oil is lightweight and helps reduce loss of water from the skin, helping the skin to retain its moisture. Whereas, polyisobutene is a non-skin-penetrating ingredient that helps a product in enhancing its texture. In terms of the scrub, it has castor seed oil and sucrose as its first two ingredients. Castor seed oil is commonly found in scrubs, as it helps condition and sooth chapped lips. With the added sucrose ingredient, the scrub is able to decongest flaky lips, as the smalls grains provide a natural exfoliant.

For me, I find this duo perfect for everyday use because of its easy use. The scrub is non-abrasive, non-sticky and although the scent smells like old-perfume, it does its job. The balm is lightweight and the tulip was perfect for an everyday wear, it matched perfectly with my lip colour. There’s a light sheen to it, so you can definitely layer the balm with a clear or tinted gloss. The tinted balm is buildable and although it is not highly moisturising, it keeps my lips protected for 1-2 hours.

Would I get it again… yes, it would also make a great gift for both girls and women alike. A great everyday product, which is major! It won’t break your bank and it’s such an easily applied product, it makes a great edition to one’s beauty lip collection.




The Chic Hunter

At Westfield Sydney, on the lowest level I found myself browsing along the pop-up fashion stalls. I was on the hunt for a jumper I could wear for today’s event. There was a few cute things, but the quality wasn’t great. Until…


Myth Conception $50 – Cream Jumper

A found in the The Chic Hunter stall this lovely fluffy jumper, by the Myth Conception. I’m wearing it now, and I can tell you that I’m happily rugged up, perfect for a night out in the city.


Sales month woohoo! The Chic Hunter also has a website, I’m going to check it out.

RATE: 3/5

Glasshouse Fragrances


I don’t know if the candle phase is over, but I know that maybe for a few months I remember seeing an influx of pictures of people using candles. When they’re having a bath, drinking tea, on their table filled with books, etc. So I gave in and tried it myself haha. I bought this, I forgot the price, and tried out Glasshouse Fragrances. They had a variety of scents, so I opted to try this triple scented candle – Amalfi Coast (Sea Mist). Very relaxing, it takes a few minutes of burning before you can smell the fragrance. I still haven’t used it all, so I’ll wait till I burn this down before I try another brand.


It comes in a cute 60mg candle jar, so it’s not hefty to take the candle with you for a quick candle fix! Beautifully designed, and the aroma reminds me of the sea. Makes me wish sometimes I lived in a house next to the beach, watching the sunset and being able to read with no disruptions.

RATE: 3/5

M.A.C – Strobe Cream


$55 – 50ml

Can’t go without a day not wearing this over my make-up. This strobe cream’s main objective is to quickly moisture and gives a quick fresh boost for the skin. It’s a liquid substance, not too thick which you rub over the desired skin area. I tend to put it over my cheek bones over my blush and I use it as a highlighter under my eyebrows. The result is dewy and gives a bright shine on the areas. Perfect if you don’t want too much of a matte finish. It lasts throughout the day beautifully.

RATE: 4/5


Fresh Hand Cosmetics


The Sacred Truth $16.95

I did not know initially, that the face masks bought from Lush had a time frame which I had to use by!! There was like, more than half amounts of this product left which I could’ve still used. Bummer. This product contains: wheatgrass, ginseng, green tea, papaya and other forms of antioxidants that forms a soft layer on one’s skin. The after effect is wonderful… your skin feels soft, clean and it made me look whiter? Maybe because it took off all that yucky dirt that accumulated throughout the day.

It didn’t make my skin any less oilier that usual, maybe I have to try their other ranges to see if it has any outstanding effect on my skin in the long-term. But honestly, I don’t know if I want to pay another $16 something for a tub that lasts for 3 weeks and does not give major improvements. Maybe for the trend, I’ll try other products but in the long-run, don’t know if I would swear by this brand.

RATE: 2/5

Shu Uemura

IMG_20140416_131332_resizedShu Uemura $29

My own eyelash curler (technically initially used by my mother) was my previous addition to my everyday routine. I do not have natural curled eyelashes, so I had to (everyday) curl them. I forgot the brand of my previous curler, but since I’ve been using it from the beginning of time, the silicone pad had eventually, partially come off…. and I kept using them because I was too picky to buy a new one.

I chose this because I saw, on many forms of media that most girls have been using this. I did not understand why, until I got my hands on one. Yes it’s pricey, but it’s definitely worth the extra money. I mean it! When it finally came (a few hours from David Jones), it came in a beautifully, sleek package.




I’m so sorry about these awfully large pictures. The curler, maybe because it’s brand new, was aesthetically pleasing. The silver cover will make you feel like you’re holding the finest thing. It also comes with an extra silicone pad, quite handy and a small manual to achieve the lift you want. When I finally got to try them, it was like I had fake eyelashes on. Why, because it came out natural looking with no dents seen on the eyelashes. You don’t have to hold them for too long to achieve the effect you desire.

I’m going to make sure this time, I’m going to keep this eyelash curlers clean to the bone.

RATE: 5/5

Kate Spade




Linen Journal $44.95

Got these beautiful, girlie journals just yesterday from The Iconic. The linen material makes a remarkable spectacle of the journals, coming in peach and black (also ordered the pink version this morning). I don’t know about you, but writing in lovely journals like these makes the whole writing experience just wwwooooooowww. It has multiple page makers and comes with about 200+ pages. Yes, it is a bit on the pricey side, but I tend to keep the journals I write in.

Eco Krill – Blackmores

eco krill

3x Blackmores ECO Krill 90 Tablets 333.3mg – $28.40

So I’ve been shopping around looking for multivitamins or good oils that could be added into my diet. I didn’t look for any brand specifically but when I came across a good deal while shopping in scoopon, I was able to buy a few capsules for a great price. This is the first batch that I bought, Blackmores ECO Krill that:

  • maintain optimal health
  • omega-3s – brain, heart and eye health
  • vanilla flavoured capsule
  • MSC certified
  • sourced from sustainable fisheries


I was initally afraid that it would come in a large capsule, but on the contrary it’s really tiny! You only have to take it once a day with food, but it shouldn’t fully replace your dietary intake. Research states that it’s much better than fish oil because of its ease of absorbing omega-3 fatty acid, called phospholipids. I  couldn’t taste the vanilla flavour though, so many I had to bite into it to taste it? But I just swallowed it, might bite into it the next time.

Warning though, if you’re allergic to seafood please don’t take.