Brush Cleaner


Artiste Manicare $14 – bought from Priceline

This product is alright, it does it’s job quite well… though the only negative point about this brush cleaner is that it smells is heavily on the alcohol side. One sniff and I’m just disgusted by it. If you’re sensitive to smells like me, I think you’ll find it off-putting when you use it, and it does linger on your brushes.

I generally use this twice in a week, and so far this bottle is still loaded! It’s been more than 6 months, I think. It is oil-based and you just need two sprays on a cloth/tissue to wipe off the products on your brushes. It isn’t 100% accurate in removing the products, but after a few wipe downs you’ll find that it gets the job done. If you have natural and/or synthetic brushes, this is for you!



RATE: 3/5