Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask x Brightening



Three highly-dense and soaked masks, are cased within the box. Covered with Enchinacea GreenEnvy, chichoric acid, coconut gel, carrot extract, cucumber extract and more, you can be rest assured your skin to feel hydrated, smooth and almost plump-like.

Due to the high amount of goodies soaked into the mask, it is quite heavy on the face and it brings about a cooling sensation throughout the process. There is a slight difference to my skin’s brightness after application. It is non-sticky which I love and has a slight fragrance. The price for 3 masks is quite high, which I believe is because of the dense ingredients used. However, I don’t mind re-purchasing the other target-related masks in this brand, because I have found it to be affective, non-irritating and the hydrating benefits is immediate.





The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths


Ole Henriksen $22 || Sephora

Oh my, this wipes is so… I can’t find a word for it. But let me tell you, I love it.

I have been using these wipes recently generally as a make-up remover. Though technically it really isn’t its purpose, the outcome is actually not bad. You will though have to do another cleanse after it, to remove the remaining products off your face. It is pricey, but because of the great benefits that are enclosed in each wipes, I really do not mind. You will find Vitamin C, Micro Algae, CoQ10 and Green Tea all infused in this packet.

It is potent and powerful, I find, as it gives me this slight radiance after using one. Not only does it smell heavenly, citrus vanilla scent, the ingredients is not harsh and the fragrance do not over-linger. The wipe itself, is quite dense which is great, because then it won’t break easily as well as makeup won’t sink through.



RATE: 4/5