Two By Four Cafe

Fairwater Boulevard Fairwater Sales and Display Centre, Blacktown NSW 2148



A new local community popped up recently, which has their own lovely cafe. The cafe is surrounded by leafy greens, a waterfront and has a verandah on the side if you prefer eating outdoors! We were fortunate to be eating on a clear, blue sunny day, as the wide windows in the cafe allowed a flood of sun to enter. There’s a mixture of table sizes in the cafe, small and large groups can be accommodated.

Two By Four Cafe did not kid, with the bowls, I was struggling with the size of mine. The chicken strips/cuts and vegetables blended great together, it tasted clean and was not heavily sauced. The juices were cold pressed, which was definitely refreshing. The highlight, that I really want to go back for, is their french toast. It was delicious, dangerously soft and not too sweet.





Three Williams

613A Elizabeth St, Redfern NSW 2016



Set inside a warehouse interior, this refreshing cafe was a sure welcome to kick start the day ahead. The minimalistic space is so wide, that you can stretch your legs comfortable and take your time enjoying the food.

A health conscious ‘all day’ menu, with a cheeky cocktails menu which I didn’t get to try, its kitchen runs from 7am to 3pm. I ordered a regular almond milk latte, it was beautifully roasted as well as the vegan bowl. The creamy blend of roasted pumpkin, pumpkin hummus, shredded kale and the crunch of the roasted hazelnut was superb. The prices are what you expect to find in Sydney cafes, and the quality that was served made it Got seated quickly, meals got delivered quickly and got the day started off in the right direction!






1/175 Ocean View Rd, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257


You cannot miss this cute cafe, with its bright yellow-striped decorations, beach-inspired interior and wide windows. It is a charming place to eat before a full day ahead.

I loved how airy it was, letting in that sweet, fresh coastal air. You can either choose to eat inside or outside in their gorgeous quaint garden.

I’ve definitely noticed, a cafe trend of having their menus on a clipboard. It is probably because of the cost-effective benefits, but also gives that easy, casual vibe. We visited during breakfast and we had a hard time choosing from their dishes… it all looked tasty! All fresh, produced locally. Prices ranged from $13+ and if you’re a Campos coffee fan, it is their main source.

Polite service and timely served, I’d love to visit again.






IMG_2941 (1)

IMG_2912 (1)

Hers: Rocket omelette with marinated feta, asparagus and Coast relish on toast $16

IMG_2911  His: Sourdough toast with poached free range eggs, Coast relish, wilted spinach and baked beans $16


Soy latte


Amalfi – a blend of beetroot, carrot, celery, apply and pineapple $6.50 


Revive – pear, apple and lime

RATE: 5/5

Coolabah Tree Cafe

Caltex, Hume Hwy Service Centre & 1715 Yass Valley Way, Yass


En route to my mini Canberra trip, well anytime I would go visit the ACT, we always stop here for a quick morning feed before we reach our destination. The reason being, that it’s conveniently located close to a Caltex gas station haha.


When you step inside you’ll see soo many chairs and tables, like I can never imagine this place being overwhelmed with individuals, ever. It’s a good pit stop to buy a quick breakfast or if you forgot some winter gear, they some some in stock.


Mine: I think it was a lettuce, egg, mayo sandwich. I don’t like hearty breakfasts, so I opted for this. 


His: Bacon, eggs, sausages $14.20 

It always reminders me of a large cafeteria. There’s really not much healthy options, mostly burgers, chips and other fried, oily things that I’m not very fond of. But since there’s not much options on the Hume Highway, I have to eat here.

RATE: 2/5

Clovelly Beach

Clovelly Rd, Sydney NSW, AUS 

Looking back at these photos I took from this beach… makes me wish I had all the time in the world to go beach jumping.






It’s weird to see a bunch of people on the concrete next to the ocean, because when you think of the beach you picture people on sand right? But honestly, it doesn’t matter if there’s water and space I’d go anyways. It’s a perfect little get-away from huge commercial beaches like Bondi, because there’s less people and more parking space hahaha.

The sea was so clear, so if you want to go snorkelling bring yourself a pair! There’s no waves at the shore, but when you get further into the ocean the waves does get a bit rough. Being a natural chicken I didn’t jump in and got my boyfriend instead to jump in. You don’t have to be worried of drowning, because there’s a life-guard club right next to the beach! To also add to the coolness of this beach, is that there is also a lap pool!

I recommend bring your own feed down to this beach, because there’s only one eatery at the beach and you have to drive to the closest town to grab a bite.

RATE: 4/5


21 Wentworth St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Been here twice, and has never failed my taste buds yet! Took my partner along so he may try it out, the cafe also impressed him. We came by on a Saturday morning and we found the place already buzzing with customers. So we sat outside, only for a little while because it was too damn cold! When a table was freed up we sat warmly inside.


Their menu ranges from $9 – $17. I love eating at this cafe because of it’s fresh produce as well as vegan options available. When you step inside once was a small garage, it is now filled with convenient wood tables and chairs, graffiti and other wooden fixtures inside. It’s very squishy inside, but since it’s Winter the more people the warmer haha! 


African Red Hot Chocolate $4.5  Started myself off with some warm African grown cocoa beans(hint of fruits) in soy milk. 

20140705_091521_resized (1)

His: Avocado, fetta, ricotta & green pea smash with a hint of chili went perfectly well with the cherry tomatoes that were devilishly slow roasted giving the plate a fresh feel. Panache of salad was also dressed with lemon oil. $15


Mine: Poached rhubarb, mascarpone labne, cinnamon, berries and crushed pistachio gave this french toast a two thumbs up from me! Not too overly sweet, but just enough to satisfy my early morning sweet tooth. $14

I absolutely adore this cafe, would keep coming back to try out every item on their menu. Plus, it’s so comfortably close to Parramatta station!

RATE: 4/5

City Extra

 301 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150


I remember those mornings where I had to go to interviews, and it was so early that I didn’t get to eat breakfast at home. All the cafes would be closed in the morning since most open around 8-9am. What I love about City Extra is that they are open 24/7, and have a variety of food and beverages to offer. The downside is that it is quite pricey.


Their menu design is really cute, to design it as a newspaper is not only trendy but unique.


Cappucino R $4.20 – Can’t go without coffee in the morning


The Big Breakfast $21 – It really is big! 2 eggs, sausage, rasher of bacon, grilled tomato, hash brown potatoes and toasted roll. I remember I couldn’t even finish it all!

RATE: 3/5