“Princess Grace’s legacy was multifold”

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Grace Kelly: Princess of Movies and Monaco – in60Learning

Pages: 40

A delightful look into Grace Kelly’s life, starting from her childhood through to her death and the legacy she left behind. In60Learning‘s book provides an interesting, simplistic and efficient read on the young woman’s life.

Grace Kelly is hailed as a philanthropic princess of Monaco and a successful American actress. Her legacy lives on and is captured within her films, selfless acts for her family and her two countries which is beautifully written within this biography.

A few things I have noted, is the usage of quotes from Grace Kelly at the start of each chapter. Direct quotes I believe provides an emotional insight to the character of the person at that point in time. Black and coloured imagery was also used, almost one in each chapter, unfortunately quite small to see much detail. Bullet points to list and emphasise efficient reading. Not only does the biography delve into Grace Kelly’s life, but also spotlights into her family’s history. I enjoyed the read and if you, like me, read on the go and would like to know the main facts, I’d give this book on Grace Kelly’s life a go!

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“Threw all caution in the wind, threw propriety overboard”

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My Sister’s Intended – E.L. Montague

Pages: 121

Classic romance, between two people who coincidently and hopelessly start falling for each other. Unfortunately the other is promised to another.

James a handsome and sought-after bachelor isn’t interested in petty and vain women, he is looking for the one. He is arranged to marry to a woman he isn’t in love with. He is in love with another…

I enjoyed the read, it was light and the plot was quick to follow. It started off by beautifully setting up character development and romance between the two main lovers, which smoothly progressed to illustrate their societal and personal challenges.  I would have loved for the story to further expand on the characters’ problems, as I felt it would give further character insight. The characters are easily likeable and a further look into their lives, would have been amazing! It is a classic throwback to forbidden love stories, which is always exciting to read.


“Capture your style”



Pages: 207

Long time no book review! To start a fresh, I had to choose this beautifully created book by Aimee Song. Filled with fashion and social forward tips, with special guidance in making the most out of Instagram. Tips on editing your photos, suitable apps and filters to go with your desired photo, props to use whilst establishing your unique voice in your online gallery. The book is filled with beautiful images that coincides with her guide, so you can better understand and see exactly how she applies it.

A simple but an inspirational gem, which I feel is great to read should you wish to refresh your Instagram gallery, professional or beginner! A reference guide which I would be coming back to over and over again.




Keep yours eyes opened on this page. I have accumulated a few textbooks throughout university, which is sitting wastefully and collecting dust. Still in great condition, mostly hard-covered.

I thought to myself, I don’t think I’ll be reading these text books again. Why not pass it over to the next knowledge seeker?

“I’ll just pray you won’t tread onto the wrong path”

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(UN)GRACEFUL CAT – B. A. Gabrielle

Pages: 140

Elegant but clumsy and shy “princess” Amelia, finds herself amidst a forever-long battle between Spirits and Dark Fairies. Which side will she choose?

An interesting read and it also had good character development. The story at the start perfectly introduced each character, along with an overall spotlight on some of their pasts. So it was easy to gage, which characters were connected. I liked the spin of Spirits and Dark Fairies, the drama between light and dark is always an eye-catcher for me. I also liked how it was highlighted that it is maybe the other way around, the Spirits may be the bad ones here!

At the end of the novel, it was a major cliffhanger and I cannot wait to read the new chapter and what becomes of Amelia.



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With over 80,000 exciting titles to choose from and keeps up-to-date with releases, whether you are on the go or would like somebody else to read for you, head over to this online library. With my free audiobooks trial, I opted to choose The Girl on the Train as I had heard many positive reviews. It was quite easy to find the best sellers and new releases, as they are previewed on the front page!

 This being my first try with an audio service, and I am absolutely digging it. It integrates an efficient search system, micromanaging your search to genre, language, duration and format. Before you click on your desired audio, its lists the title, author name, who it is read by and the duration as well as the star ratings.

There are 3 plans to you can choose from, which tailors to how much you read and how many devices you would like to connect. You can get your first audiobook for free.

2016 Diary x An Organised Life



Well smack, it is halfway through the year and in need to find myself a new diary. The monochrome theme, is far beyond being understated, it is minimalist in a stylish way. If that makes sense? I am definitely excited for their 2017 diary.

Delivered in a black gift box with an accompanying pen. It was extremely cute when it also came with a ‘thank you’ note. Each page, back to back, has a per week schedule outlined. As well as a calendar, pages for notes and monthly overviews, etc. The blinding is great, as it does not break pages off and can lie flat on a desk.

Currently, the main website is out of stock so best to find another retailer. It is a fashionable statement and makes it quite enjoyable filling the pages. Makes a great gift as well!





RATE: 5/5

“Our age pales into insignificance in comparison with the history of time.”

Absolute Truth.jpg


Pages: 379

Aside from the intriguing titles of each chapter, the whole novel itself is as compelling as each turn of the page.

Elisa Mancini is a Nobody. Painfully insecure, more at a ease with books than with people, at twenty-three she’s a university dropout living at her aunt’s…

Written beautifully, readers are instantly submerged into Elisa Mancini’s personal life. It was like travelling side by side with her, seeing and feeling what she was experiencing. But, below the surface I found myself learning the complexities of love and the fine line of obsession, as well as finding one’s identity. I recommend you having a read of this novel, you will be taken on an unforgettable journey.


RATE: 5/5

“Look at the familiar as you have never seen it before”



Pages: 139 | Kinokuniya $19.95

A book about bringing the ordinary steps of renowned creative individuals into light, and how their actions made them then extraordinary. Combining splashes of white, yellow and black, this novel is beautifully eye-catching. The content further enhances the readability, 57 bold headings are numbered with words of direction. Quotes of famous and world-changing creatives are also added, separate from the main body, which adds wise words and empowerment of encouragement and insight.

I truly recommend this book, simply unique. If you are looking for further inspiration or don’t know where to start, read Change Your Mind.



Personal Legend

I don’t know at the moment, there is just so many things in this world that can be taken up by an individual. Maybe that is why, there’s so many college students changing their degrees at the start or when they’re about to graduate. Until to find something you are passionate about, you’ll stick to it no matter what. But that can also be arguable, as you can be passionate about many things.

My blog in particular, showcases the few things I’m passionate about. For this moment, actually for a long time I have come to appreciate novels, stories written by brilliant authors. I wish I was able to write as creative as them, to be able to create an allegory filled with magical creatures or just giving meaning to life, is a powerful skill. As I do not possess that skill, instead I read the complete works. By doing so, I became not only passionate in reading but also gained an eagerness to share with others.

I’m constantly trying to improve my story telling, more specially in terms of reviewing literature. Actually, at the moment I’m learning what it takes to be a ‘book critic’ and I now see that it involves a lot of analyzing. Particularly in analyzing the novel’s characters, plot, imagery and it’s strengths and weaknesses. Most of the times, after I have read a book, I would just post my overall thought of the novel, without too much reflection.

Oh, I’m also going trying to become more familiar with words I don’t normally integrate.

I am certain that I’m going to try to improve and incorporate this into my posts, but keeping my own flavor 🙂 (trying to not sound so essay-like).