“Being busy is better than being bored. Bored left a long time ago. Busy is always around for me.”

– Tabitha Robin

1/7 It has been a loooong time! I honestly don’t know what to write right now. Hopefully I can get into reviewing once again! Anyways, just came back from volunteering at a museum, which I absolutely enjoy right now. Time flies by so quickly, though really cold, I feel like I am further expanding my knowledge and skills.

2/7 Eating my avocado right now, wishing I didn’t have this stomach pain.



“We should respect those able to choose love after enduring a lifetime of hate. It is the least we could do.”

– Wayne Gerard Trotman





29/1 Landed in Sydney yesterday, and it still feels like I am still settling in. I have unpacked but everything seems new again, which is great. It is an immense juxtaposition from living in a provincial area to a first world environment. From the tiny adjustments such as the climate, transportation, living conditions, expenses and language. It makes you realize how lucky you are in your current living situation and not to take it all for granted. I do miss however looking out from the balcony, seeing the open sea and clear skies.

31/1 It is strange to think that after what happened, that person still had the decency to add me on Facebook. Strange, was she expecting me to still talk to her or was she waiting to spoil the beans on me or as a connection? Anyways, removed her from my list and did a major clean up on my social sites. I felt I need a new start and a more quiet life. There was too much noise in the past years, especially last year, that made me realize I kept hoarding things that kept me unhappy. This year I hope to continue the same perseverance to not ignore these warning signs, automatically remove what is not necessary and focus on my own growth.

2/2 Two more days till my leave finishes! The holidays felt brief, almost like the past few weeks were compressed into a few days. I guess it meant I really enjoyed it, wish it was extended longer. Downloaded Adobe Premier Pro and let me tell you, I am having so much fun learning the ins and outs! This is my first attempt editing a vlog, here, make sure to check it out and let me know what I can improve on. Oh the other day, it was so cloudy that I missed out on seeing the super blue blood moon. Bummed but I know it’ll be captured somewhere on the internet. Nothing much happening today, just going to work on my blog, check out the local events, play some league of legends and maybe start on the second vlog.


~ MJ

“Romeo wouldn’t change his mind. That’s why people still remembered his name, always twined with hers”

– Stephanie Meyer

24/8 : I am not sure if I mentioned it on my previous post, but the Philippines vacation is booked in! There is a few bits and bobs that still needs to be booked, but the main flights and accomodation for El Nino is done. I am super excited to see a part of the luxurious El Nino, waking up on a breath-taking island surrounded by the ocean and nature. I am a bit bummed that we couldn’t get a water cottage, but it isn’t the end of the world. Secondly, I cannot wait to merge into the bustling city of Makati for 2 weeks. Hopefully I don’t end up splurging on items but on food! I have a list already of restaurants I want to visit.
Now back to the present, there are times when it is hard to come up from the deep waters… I just need to learn how to openly communicate. Bottling your feelings, I find is not only challenging but mentally exhausting. When I end up randomly thinking about it, I just go down on a destructive spiral. Keeping busy is key, but foremost being honest. Orientation went well today, a lot of information but I am excited to try this new challenge.

25/8 : I got into a flow of watching youtube videos about North Korea, such as blogs and about the perspectives of those who had escaped. It is an eye-opener, I have linked the video below so definitely check it out. After watching those videos, I felt a bit of curiosity to visit the country but I honestly didn’t feel comfortable of the fact that your passport will be temporarily taken from you. This prevents the tourist from wandering on their own.

27/8 : Mcgregor vs Mayweather boxing match today, was epically entertaining! I swear I haven’t seen a fight like that in a while. It was a punch of suspense, thrill and the build up of the fight created the right amount of excitement. Yesterday, I forgot to mention, A and I checked out the cherry blossom festival at Auburn. For a $5 entrance fee, you get to check out the lovely blossoms, scrumptious Japanese food and a few other Japanese culture entertainment. My favourite would definitely be watching the sumo match. I went on a little skincare splurge yesterday, which I am supposed to be saving up money for the upcoming trip, and hopefully I can get some writing material up for you guys soon!





~ MJ

“Expect problems and eat them for breakfast”

– Alfred A. Montapert

IMG_3914 (1)



 The thing about this week, is that it went so fast. I kind of wanted to savour my freedom, of just reading countless amounts of articles and indulging on youtube videos.

One major assignment is due soon, which I have not started. Firstly because I have been reading up on the history of Audrey Hepburn, my newest obsession. E and I watched My Fair Lady last night, she was superb. I do have a list of her films, that I am wanting to watch.

Other than that, we attended our friends’ outdoor wedding, I’ll make a separate post soon, as well as listening to The Weeknd and Ed Sheeran’s new song – Dark Times.

~ MJ

Sh*t Parents!

This post is on-point, have a read of this…


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Botox Baby

This mother had attention drawn to her a little while back because she would regularly inject her 8 year old with botox. She believed that she was helping her daughter to become a superstar and that later in life with her wrinkle free face she would become a famous singer or actress or celebrity.

The little girl had told the media that she had been crying from the pain at the beginning, but that the pain subsides after a while.

Dangling Baby

In another of our stories, I brought you the woman who tattooed gang insignia on her screaming baby and just a few days ago some parents were in hot water for dangling their baby, (Michael Jackson style) over a cheetah enclosure in Cleveland USA.  Unlike Michael Jackson, they dropped the child!

The cheetahs, having exhibited more class and intelligence than the ‘parents’ (and likely…

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Who are you?

Whilst putting up my recent posts, I wondered who reads my posts and who stumbles across my blog? I have a link on my instagram and also on my twitter, so it makes me wonder if anyone I know reads my posts.

Being a blogger can sometimes make you vulnerable, as you show the world various things that you do. Like what you buy, listen to, been to and such as personal posts, readers can get an insight on what type of person you are. Not entirely, but an enough glimpse to maybe understanding who you are. I find this exciting. As a blogger you are constantly viewed. You are prone to receiving negative comments about what post you wrote and so forth (luckily I have received none of the sort). But I do like to be challenged (come at me bro!).

I just imagined what would it be like to stumble across an old mate’s blog, like you knew how they were before and when you see them now through their blog, they may or not have changed drastically. Or it could be seen another way, like you’re still close friends but you never knew they were a blogger, it’s like leading another life (ooohh).

Blogging has been part of my life for sometime now, experimenting various blog hosts, so I’m no stranger in this internet world. I don’t strive to be successful in this blog world, as I see it as a personal means to shout out and say whatever I like. So if I’m successful or not, it really doesn’t matter to me. My posts are to give an insight on me, influence others to try things that I have tried and to interact with fellow bloggers. It’s nice to be able to read comments that other bloggers post on my post, as it gives me an insight on them. Maybe I can change things up or see how they view me.

So if you’re a stranger or friend, hello!