Getting Stuff Done Planner



With 288 pages available, you’re able to plan, organise and keep up with your schedule without thinking if you have much left! I am a huge believer in planning out your day/week, actually writing it down. Being able to visually see your schedule, what you need to do and have done, motivates and keeps you in check! What drew me in with this particular planner, is the writing space available, simplistic layout, monochrome look, thickness and the cute fields you knew you had always needed.

The planner is available in black and pink, and you know it’s made well, when the covering is made out of vegan-friendly leather. Other details include foil embossing, 100gsm ivory paper, soft ribbon marker and has a small sleeve at the back for extra papers. When I first laid eyes on CGD London’s planner, I knew I had to get it. I currently have a study planner, and the biggest difference with this planner, is the writing space available dedicated for each day.




Runner Bag

IMG_2687Rains Australia $149.99 || The Iconic

Since using this for almost 2 – 3 months now, over-packing it with textbooks, jumpers and food, it hasn’t failed me yet. It’s an amazing, compact and durable back-pack, which I find is compatible with my business and casual wears. The timeless black, is not a sheer but a matte finish. It wasn’t as clean-looking as it was at the start, because of my carelessness of placing food/cleaning products in close-by.

Please excuse, the lack of lighting. If you want a better picture of the bag, please click the links above!

There’s so many buckles, making it certain that your items won’t fall out and absolutely tug-free. Spacious, with two sections inside. There’s side compartments and water-proof zippers. There are other amazing bag designs, but I chose this because of its wide, stable straps, that will be beneficial for my shoulders and back. Combining the sporty and practical design into this product, you’ll love it as much as I do.





RATE: 5/5

Perversion Mascara


Urban Decay $32 || Sephora

 I like this mascara, a lot. The formula doesn’t clamp, I barely have to wriggle the brush to apply it evenly. A creamy, bold black formula that truly lengthens and volumes what you already have. The name is quite bold-sounding if that makes sense? It sounds powerful, original and impacting. This mascara accurately lives up to its name!

I’ve been using this everyday and it seems to never run out! I only need one swipe of my to lashes and I’m good to go. It’s not too runny, so it doesn’t smudge and lasts throughout the day. Easily my top recommendation and favourite purchase of mascara so far.



RATE: 5/5

Diablo Ankle Boots


Therapy $59.95 || The Iconic 

The black colour and style, perfectly matches with the jeans and tights I tend to wear. I have yet to match it with an every day dress. The pointed toe, gives these ankle boots a classy look ,which I think helps me look a tad taller. It has that fur-type, synthetic cover, which can be a bit of a nuisance if anything gets caught on it. But… the cover does give it an edgy-cool-Western-feel. Zippers are in the inner-side, I did get confused thinking it was the outer ones!

Chunky, block heels is a definite yes with this boots. I broke into them easily and can walk around for a whole day, without anything hurting. An extremely fabulous investment.



RATE: 4/5

Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner


3 Concept Eyes $17 || MD Ranking

3CE a famous and well-loved Korean brand, is known for its fabulous cosmetics that applies beautifully on your face. This would be my first purchase from this band and I am in love with it! The application is easy, slides on well and gives a bold black colour when applied. Matte, which I also like.

For me, the pencil was a good thickness to hold and it just had that cool, simplistic design. It last for hours, and didn’t have any creases throughout the day I didn’t apply an eye-primer. For this price, and effectiveness, I highly recommend it!


IMG_2288 (1)

RATE: 5/5

Cameron by Verali

Most times I chose the look of a product over comfortability, and at the end of the day I regret my decision because my feet are dead and red. Well, these pair of heels, I got the best of both worlds.


Verali $55.96 – Cameron Black, size 5

Bought it from The Iconic, that was originally $79.95. This I find will match any outfit I have, dress or pants. It’s chic and simple. The soles of my feet did not die during the night and it still looked brand spanking new afterwards. I have a feeling that this will be  my go-to-shoes to any event.

RATE: 4/5


I’ve have now found and purchased a back-pack that will be used consistently to work and university! It’s durable, black and soooo comfortable on my back. Please let me introduce you to…


A.P.C Backpack $205

Fast delivery from Shop Bop so well done, it came in about after a week and a half, perfectly packaged up. I love the simplistic designs from A.P.C and this is the first item I bought from the store. I don’t ever spend a lot of money on bags so I decided to spend a lot on a backpack that I will be using a lot. So farewell to my shoulder bag that has accompanied me through many events in my life, it now has a loose strap so I needed to replace it asap. So far so good with the bag, it hold the things I usually carry about everyday like my make-up bag, umbrella, water bottle, some novels, etc.

The leather straps is perfect because it doesn’t strain the shoulders at all, since it’s also thick. The leather, black finish is beautiful as it makes it look always new and if it gets any scratches you can just lightly rub it off.



I bought it while at work, shopping at Shop Bop and it was the last one!! It was cut down in half as well… after a minute of contemplating I clicked buy. Why because it was the last one and it was decently priced so why not!! haha.

Happiest purchase of this year for me 🙂

RATE: 5/5