Free drinks!


I never say no to a free drink, unless I was the designated driver. My workmates were placing their bets, as yesterday was the Melbourne Cup and when they went across the street to a near-by cafe to watch it (leaving me all alone), they came back with 3 champagne glasses. Courtesy of the building across from us! So sweet!

I really regret not betting, because the girls actually won some money!


Happy New Year 2014

Hello to a new year, a new start and a whole new resolution, which I have not decided yet…

Anyways, Plan A didn’t go to plan but Plan spontaneous B happened! I’ll put that onto another post. Went to a last minute run to Bronte Beach and spent a quiet night in watching the fireworks broadcasted online. Me and my bf couldn’t get into the city which was alright, so I’m going to definitely plan ahead and hopefully get a table at Centrepoint Tower! It’ll have the best view.

All in all this year has been eventful, made me more aware of my flaws and the flaws of others, made me know myself better and hopefully wiser in my decisions. Using that knowledge, hopefully I can become a better me throughout this year and the next!



I bought two tickets for the New Year’s Eve Festival at the Wet ‘n’ Wild, Sydney only to find out this morning that it was postponed! I don’t have a Plan B and so upset that I couldn’t spend it there. The management might have had problems, but I’m pretty sure as organisers of a large, hyped up event would have known the problem a day or days before the commencement of the event. Unprofessional and not organised.

I feel bad for those individuals/families who actually flew into the state to attend the event. Hopefully we all get our refunds, because I’m not quite sure if everyone would want to use their tickets for the other option, during Australia Day. I know I’m ranting, but to do it on New Year’s Eve!!! So devo, because I could’ve use that money for another event that I was eyeing that gave picnic hampers and a private wharf view of the Sydney fireworks.

In a more happier light, I wish you all have a great New Year’s Eve celebration with love ones and friends!


Ardium Planner 2014

I’ve got a purple planner YAY! Another purchase from Fall In Design, for $29.90. I like that leather look/feel, this 2014 Ardium Simple dated planner scheduler (Large) is in Indie Purple which I wanted to match with my phone case but no.

I think I’m going to use the monthly planner more, I didn’t know that the daily planner was going to take up a lot of the pages.


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