“Look at the familiar as you have never seen it before”



Pages: 139 | Kinokuniya $19.95

A book about bringing the ordinary steps of renowned creative individuals into light, and how their actions made them then extraordinary. Combining splashes of white, yellow and black, this novel is beautifully eye-catching. The content further enhances the readability, 57 bold headings are numbered with words of direction. Quotes of famous and world-changing creatives are also added, separate from the main body, which adds wise words and empowerment of encouragement and insight.

I truly recommend this book, simply unique. If you are looking for further inspiration or don’t know where to start, read Change Your Mind.



“‘You are mine,’ I whisper. ‘Only mine. Don’t forget it.'”



GREY – E L James

Pages: 559 | Target $8

 If you have read the Fifty Shades of Grey series, this novel is basically told in the perspective of Christian Grey…

Grey is not just any man, a CEO of a growing business and who loves to exert control in all aspects of his life. His discipline of control is challenged by a clumsy, shy but beautiful Anastasia Steele. With her, he faces inner emotions which “he cannot comprehend and cannot resist”. 

This novel is a truly fun read, it is easy to comprehend and honestly I could not stop giggling on the train to and from work. I am surprised with Grey’s perspective, because unlike the other series I thought he had of a more “cold” look towards her and life itself. Though through this novel, I came to understand more of his character’s past and how he tries to understand his feelings towards Ana. For me, I personally like this book because of the fluency of the storyline and the quirkiness. For $8 at Target, why not?


“Remember, every treasure comes with a price.”


Crazy Rich Asians – Kevin Kwan

Pages : 403

I remember a few months ago, this novel had the biggest rave! I would  see so many pictures on the latest social platforms, how people were saying that this book was terrific! Before I give you my opinion on it, let me type down a basic over-view:

A novel about the richest of rich in Asia, specifically about Chinese-Singaporeans, who would lavish themselves with the hottest properties, exquisite lifestyles and alienate those who they see are not worthy of their presence. Basically if you’re not rich, like mega rich, you don’t make the cut. Rachel Chu an American-born Chinese, falls in love with a classically handsome and filthy rich man named Nicholas Young. It’s a modern story, of how her simplistic lifestyle collides with his royal-like family traditions.

For me, I did not entirely enjoy this novel. Mainly because it felt like it moved too slow, too predictable and just wasn’t really exciting. There was some POV where it left some characters with somewhat disappointing closures. I didn’t feel like the author created enough character building, for me to understand the character’s POV. The novel is described as “funny” and “roller-coaster” like, but I would describe it as “predictable”, “slow-paced” and tried too hard to be dramatic.

It is an easy read and if you do like immersing yourself  for a quick read, familiar with high-end products this may be for you.


“When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it”


The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

Pages : 167

Internationally best selling phenomenon I could not agree more. With it’s minimal pages, one is able to finish the novel in a day, but I found myself reading it sparingly. It was like reading something spiritual, that helped replenished my whole existence when times were difficult. You’ll understand when you start emerging yourself into the story. It was more like traveling through words, about learning the meaning of life and most importantly, your own achievements, failures, goals and dreams.

Follows the life of an Andalusian shepherd boy, named “the boy”, who makes a courageous decision to travel from his home country to Egypt. His decision started from a given dream, of the Pyramids where he would find buried treasure. Along the way he meets peculiar characters, who assists him with his Personal Legend and what it means to follow your heart.

There are criticisms about this novel, in particular to the idea of ‘following your heart’. I honestly understand where they are coming from. Some may say that logic is more important these days, as it will save you a lot of trouble if you ‘think things through’. But that’s where it is debateable, you may be a logical person but can also get things wrong. This story was written as a magical fable and is open to interpretations. You don’t have to follow it like, it was written by something supernatural. It was written (in my opinion) as a suggested guideline, to give hope and courage. It is ultimately up to you, like what the book states, that through action one is able to become sapient.

So glad, that I’m one of the millions who had the experience of reading this beautifully written novel.


“Closure is just as delusive-it is the false hope that we can deaden our living grief.”


The Examined Life: How we lose and find ourselves – Stephen Grosz

Follows in a disarray order of Stephen Grosz’s personal patients (not publicly named), of their intimate struggles and accomplishments that provides some light into the minds of patient’s undergoing psychoanalysis… which also teaches and reveals reflective life lessons.

Enjoyable read! I was hesitant at firs to purchase this novel, firstly because I haven’t been reading in a while and so I thought that I didn’t have time for me to read anything! But this find was truly heaven-sent because I wasn’t able to put the book down. Chapter after chapter it kept making me wanting to read more and after a day or two I realized I was finished and honestly I didn’t want it to end.

It truly makes you see people differently afterwards and most importantly gives you, I guess a sensitivity to others’ emotions. I think because everyone has this deep feelings within them that makes each and every person unique, and you never know that person may see the world the same as you do… or not. Either way, everyone’s life is surely wondrous. I couldn’t say which patient’s story I liked, because I loved each one of it as I could relate, not identically it made me realize that life, though it may come off as complicated with ups and downs but in the end there’s a purpose.


“For big mistakes to happen, it only requires sensible people to do nothing”

More of History’s Worst Decisions and the People Who Made Them – Ian Whitelaw


I don’t usually buy books that contains facts and history, but this was an exception. It got me from the bright orange and it’s captivating bold title. Plus there was a massive sale at Parramatta Dymocks, now who can say no to that.

This book contains about 50 decisions, for example:
– The Vietnam War
– Henry VIII wants a son
– Humankind domesticates plants and animals
– Massacre at Srebrenica

I have read most and though some may not agree to what Mr. Whitelaw thinks, I think it’s an interesting point of view that may educate some people or can be used as a conversation debate. I really liked the first decision that the author points out as a ‘worst decision’ the ‘Humankind domesticates plants and animals’ he really makes a point. I’m not going to give out too much information because there is a lot of depth and I may miss out on crucial points.

But if you’re afraid that it is a textbook, it honestly is not, each part the author explains in about 2 pages!

RATE: 3/5

Winter is coming

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I haven’t had the time to update my blog. Been busy with university assignments and studying for upcoming exams for first semester. It is boring my brains out, reading endless texts that does not stimulate my brain… That is why I bought the whole set of Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. I loovvvee the series that is airing on HBO and didn’t want to miss out on the novels. PLUS I hoped to read the whole series before the film series finishes. I have not finished the novel but half-way there, and so far the film series remains true to the novel.

As the title suggests, Sydney at the moment is too cold to function. In a few days, winter is upon us and it is already so cold!