Pomegranate Cleansing & Make Up Removing Wipes



A great ‘go-to’ if you are either too tired to wash your face or wanting to wipe away the remaining cosmetics. This is my first product to try from the Korres range and I am liking the natural ingredients used, how it doesn’t have a heavy scent, cruelty-free and knowing it is free from parabens, sulfaets and phthalates.

I chose this because it is made for oily to combination skin types, its dual function as a makeup remover as well as a skin balancer and toner. The material is sturdy but not harsh to the skin, it may not completely remove stubborn makeup, I recommend  to use this as a last remover step. The product quickly dries if not sealed completely, it would have been better if it had a sturdy lid.


The Bat Eye Mask



Put aside your conventional eye masks and add a fashionable statement, whilst you’re doing your skin care. I just love the bat cut out of this eye mask!

Filled with skin benefits such as Vitamin C, fermented honey, adenosine and cent ella asiatica, this mask is not only great for sensitive skin but it gives you the immediate effect smoothing out wrinkles in the eye area. It had a slight brightening and de-puffing effect.


Midnight Recovery Eye



Been using this potent eye cream religiously every night. The skin around my eyes tend to dry up quickly, so I made it a mission to start caring for it now rather than later. After all the cleansing, once you apply the cream filled with squalane, lavender essential oil, evening primrose and other goodies, you can immediately feel it providing moisture whilst minimising the fine lines. I also found it to reduce the dark-circles, not entirely but it does brighten it.

Weightless, scent-less and it does not leave a sticky residue this restorative eye cream is a must! I love how it is perfect for sensitive skin and little application is needed to get the benefits.



Blemish Spot Treatment



I have mixed views on this blemish treatment. It uses potent ingredients such as sulfur to clear out the blemish, zinc to calm irritations and provide protection. AHAs and BHAs is also included to provide the encouragement of cell regeneration.

I do find it alright in its job to minimize the irritation, especially with small issues, however its not good to use on stubborn blemishes. It isn’t hash on the skin, super dewy in fact and you only need a tiny dot! It comes off clear which is perfect, if you do want to apply it during the day. It does not have an instant affect, however it provides a moderate amount of protection for future breakouts.



Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner



I have mixed thoughts about this toner. Yes, the packaging is beautiful and sturdy, but the dispenser is a bit difficult to use. There is not a high degree of control to pump the amount you need, and trust me you only need a little. The smell is quite strong, so I would recommend using this during your night routine.

One of its goals is to minimise your pores as it has a mixture of bentonite clay, but for me I do not see a change. I have been using this for over 3 weeks. What I do like, is the usage of marshmallow and green tea, as I wake up, my face has a reduction of redness and it feels supple. Other key ingredients are cucumber, witch hazel extract, manuka, magnolia bark extract and black cumin all there to help tone, balance and prep your skin. I love the burst of potent ingredients and it feels great once applied, non-sticky and it absorbs fairly quickly. However, due to not completely matifying my skin and providing the results it claims to do… It is a nay for me.



It Radiant Lace Hydrogel Eye Patch



An eye patch, more like an eye mask is designed to look like lace-designed mask. You do not need to worry looking like a ghost around the house, now you can look stylish whilst you pamper!

Filled with ingredients to whiten and brighten, such as white flower complete, ceramics and rose, it smells beautiful but not overpowering. The serum was non-sticky and did not provide too much that it would drip down my face. Some face masks I have bought in the past, kept slipping off because it had too much serum to hold. The design is something I absolutely loved, as it does not slip off and covers the top and bottom areas of my eyes. I bought another because it was not only affordable, but it covers a wide range of the eye area.


6 Way Hydrogel Eye Patch



At first I was a bit confused on the concept of the 6 ways, the patches can be placed. After looking for an image online, I finally got the idea and I think it’s brilliant! To be able to patch desired areas, and it is all in one pretty container.

Locations are eyelids, smile lines and the eye bags. Super cooling and it adheres to the skin beautifully due to hydrogel. Made to last for 30 days, you will notice the toning, conditioning, detoxfying and brightening results due to these goodies – peony, phillinus, ginseng, baikal skullcap extract and good old flakes of gold.

I have been using it every night and when I wake up. I highly recommend these convenient patches, I find placing this in the fridge, provides a more powerful cooling effect once used.




T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum



I use this serum in conjunction with another water-based item, beforehand. This best thing I have found using this, is that the next day my face feels hydrated and smooth. For me, consistency was key as it took about a week to see noticeable differences.

I looked into this company and I loved what they strive to do, especially educating others that not all natural products are good for the skin. I have noticed that by using this, it has brought the natural radiance back. So I can go out to work the next day, without wearing foundation and sometimes concealer. This intensive night treatment’s highlights are, pigmentations and blemishes are targeted and faded, roughness like bumps are reduced and for me it helps control oil. Dead skin cells are lifted away, which results in even skin tone. With a punch of 12% AHA/BHA and other non-harsh ingredients, you won’t be disappointed.



Pore Tightening Memory Sleeping Mask



When I saw that this has a shape memory formula, it got me interested. It has an amazing cooling effect which instantly calms the skin. It is quite soothing, especially after washing and toning.

Waking up from my slumber, I did feel the skin moisturised though it made no difference to my pores. Smoother yes, but not firmer. There is no scent which is perfect and it almost feels like gelatine on the face. Main ingredients used are, betaine, allantoin, lactobacillus and chaenomeles sinensis fruit extract.



Bear Naked Wipes



Reasonably priced for wipes that does a  great job keeping your skin nourished, whilst removing your makeup. I love how the packaging is comprised, so it can be conveniently brought with you on the go.

Argan oil-infused these wipes does not leave your skin dry. Where in fact, you can use these wipes to just refreshen your face, especially in Aussie summers you can easily be drenched in sweat. A slight hint of scent lingers but doesn’t get in the way. For me, I would need at least 2 wipes to remove my makeup, but it is great for spot removals.



RATE: 3/5