Dior Addict Lip Glow



I cannot get over this lip balm!! I purchased mine in Sheer Natural Pink so I can wear it everyday, without it looking harsh.

I have been wearing it everyday, as  the sheer balm not only moisturises and hydrates, but also provides a natural pink gloss. The main ingredients for hydration is mango butter and loofah extract. For me, it stays on about 4+ hours. Additionally it has SPF 10, a colour reviver technology which lets the product react with the chemistry with one’s lips.

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RATE: 5/5

Peachy Nude



A vivid item that pays off well throughout the day, however you may need to lip line your lips for longer wear. I am not a fan of nude lipsticks, because I find it too extreme against my face. But the Peachy Nude shade from Lipstick Queen is heavenly!

With hints of light pink blush and nude, mixed together,  you can pair it nicely with a cream, white casual outfit. The texture I find it flexible for everyday wear, because of its low intensity and silky to matte finish.



RATE: 4/5

YLBB x Romantic Rose


It Cosmetics Sephora $28

A lip liner that is not only waterproof, but also long-lasting (about 8 hours) which I absolutely love. It is a perfect shade of red that goes with my everyday red lipsticks. Highly pigmented, and if you are almost this shade it looks completely natural.

Comes in 8 shades and I think for its price and how effective it is, I would not mind purchasing the rest. Runs on creamy and I do find it ultra hydrating throughout the day. Infused with collagen, avocado oil, shea buter, aloe, jojoba and much more, your lips will feel moist any time of the day. I also find, that it can stand alone when your lips need an extra colour boost.




RATE: 4/5

Melted Lipstick x Nude


Too Faced Mecca Maxima $28

I tried being adventurous one day and bought myself a nude lipstick. But not just any lipstick, a lipstick that is liquified so when applied the colour comes out highly intense and creamy. Colour wear I would say stays on for quite a bit, maybe about 12+ hours,  though do wear lipliner under. The rich liquid lipstick does not come out matte, as it has a bit of shine.

It was a successful hit when it came out, because of the variety of colours that it came out with and no other brand really had one like it. The packaging is adorable and the tip is made with an angled tip with a velvet touch. I highly recommend this line, the pigment is amazing.




RATE: 5/5

Bronze ‘n’ Dandy


Benefit Cosmetics | Sephora $29

Way overdue beauty post, especially with this value set I purchase from almost a year ago. I have been using the products within this box in my everyday makeup routine, especially the Hoola bronzer. I have been using this bronzer religiously, it blends so well and a little goes a long way. The Dandelion face powder on the other hand, is quite light so I have been using it sometimes on top of my regular blush to add a faint pink glow.

The two other lip glosses, is a charm because of it’s cute travel-size making touch-ups a breeze. My favourite would have to be the Dandelion Ultra Plush because of its pearly pink colour where as the Hoola Ultra Plush is a golden nude, though I still love it because it is close to my own lip colour. Both glide on smoothly, non-sticky and can be easily applied over your favourite lip product.




RATE: 5/5

Money Maker


Kit Cosmetics Mecca Maxima  $24.95

A lot similar to the Dream Weaver, this lipstick is a bit more on the pink, coral side. Beautiful for that extra flush on your natural pink lips. Matte-finish which has an average wear time, so best suited with a tint under or re-application throughout the day. It is mixed with Vitamin E, so for me I do find it highly hydrating as well as easy application, though best wear lip-balm before hand if you have extra-dry lips like me.




RATE: 4/5

Perfect Lips Lip Liner


Too Faced Mecca Maxima $22

I would not be so quick to call it perfect, as I do find this liner to be quiet fine and faint. Perhaps it would compliment well to nude lipsticks, but even so I find it does not do much help. However, I do find this liner to be a bite helpful in outlining areas that needs to be traced, especially in the inner lip area. When filling my overall lips, it comes out to be too chalky and does not ensure longer lipstick wear.

In the design of the pencil, I truly am in love just look at the packaging! I got mine in ‘Nude’. The length and having a soft area to hold, makes it extremely easy to use. It is a twist-up tip and I find it does not need to be sharpened. Overall, I would not go looking for this lip liner again, maybe another in their brand.



RATE: 3/5