13.5 – 19.5

“Don’t you understand that we need to be childish in order to understand? Only a child sees things with perfect clarity, because it hasn’t developed all those filters which prevent us from seeing things that we don’t expect to see.”

-Douglas Adams



IMG_3214 2

IMG_3221 2


13/5  Another nippy morning and got a work meeting scheduled later this afternoon. Got my nail brush kit yesterday and now I don’t know how to clean-off the nail polish from the brush. I tried soap and water, but it didn’t come off mmm. In other news, there’s quite a bit of content I’d like to write about and share. But even after waking up at 5am, I still find there’s still so little time left. To be honest, I might be playing Animal Crossing Camp on my mobile a little too much, generally playing it during the period when I have another task on. Happy Wednesday everyone!

14/5 It’s upsetting hearing about the unemployment statistics of Australians. With some restrictions being lifted tomorrow, with the 10 people at a time in bars/restaurants/pubs, it does bring a little sunshine in the past gloomy days. Although, personally I would like order takeaways and support establishments via distance. Until there’s a vaccination available, I’ll be keeping a large distance. I don’t know how my body would react and I know for sure how awful the normal flu is for me.

17/5 Visited Cabramatta yesterday after such as long time. As usual for a weekend, the place was packed by the time we got there at 10am. Luckily we found a parking spot at one end of the road. It is amazing how cheap produce and meats are there, compared to the ones in big supermarkets. Plus, the variety of Asian snacks and Vietnamese cuisines! Cannot wait to go back, hopefully this weekend. We didn’t get to eat some pho, but we did try out some $3.90 rolls. Be sure to eat on an empty stomach, practice social distancing there if you can, wear a mask and be hygiene smart.

18/5 Stomach growls and I’m not hungry nor nervous, its an annoying effect caused of my crippling bad gut health. Sigh. I started a new workout program this morning, which will be running for a month, after taking a week off from exercising. I was obviously dying throughout, but finished it nonetheless.


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