6.5 – 12.5

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up.”

-Robert Tew






6/5 Nothing much today, attended at least 3 webinars today. Not really looking forward to the rest of the busy, packed week.

7/5 Woke up to another freezing morning. Winter has not even started and its blistering cold. Well I’ve got two webinars to tackle today and the rest will just be working on my assignment draft, blog and an online course. I should’ve taken more pictures during this time, to see the gradual effects of the pandemic to our everyday lives. I see more people out and about, people taking their outdoor exercises more actively. Which was a natural progression, due to the closure of gyms and other indoor activity venues. With June around the corner, I wonder if we can start to finally eat indoors, go back to the gym or maybe go physically back to work? Even if a vaccine has not been found. My 2 cents here, but wouldn’t it be safer to go back to normal business once everyone has been vaccinated? If restrictions are loosened, without a full understanding of the virus, the loss of lives will still occur. Are we then to say, the loss of lives due to the pandemic is now a new norm and saving the economy is more important? The pandemic will definitely have far-reaching affects to how we live for the next few months or year, not until we can all get vaccinated. I’m still be cautious in how I behave in public, still wearing a mask, keeping my distance and hand-sanitising/washing frequently. The virus may not have tragic implications on my directly, but may impact the lives of others around me.

9/5 Tried my hand in making an Aperol Spritz but I can’t make it taste sweet enough. I really think the type of Processco used and by using a high-quality soda water, will make a fabulous Aperol Spritz. I’m actually thinking of purchasing a cocktail making kit, which I should have purchased earlier in the iso life.

10/5 Happy Mothers Day to all the moms, new moms and the soon-to-be moms out there!

11/5 I couldn’t find a cocktail making set in the major retail department stores near me. I don’t want to order online, just because the ones I’ve seen are just a tad bit too expensive. Slept in a little bit longer this morning, which was nice and fair because I did go to bed later than usual. Plus, today did not have a workout program scheduled.

12/5 Cleaned another part of the place, it’s much better to dedicate a day to clean a particular area. You end up deep cleaning better and you don’t get flustered with the amount of areas to clean for the day.


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