31.7 – 6.8

“When someone tells me “no,” it doesn’t mean I can’t do it, it simply means I can’t do it with them.”

– Karen E. Quinones Miller





31/7 I am so happy I got to sit, walk and be out in nature today. You would see me either snuggled up in my bedroom or at work. Just  being surrounded by people, concrete and artificial air gets so suffocating. I need to do this if not weekly, then fortnightly. I really believe being surrounded by wildlife/nature is food for a healthy mind and spirit. It really seems like most of my views are with these “discovery” posts! I appreciate your time reading these private notes.

1/8 Another day waking up early and not struggling yay! I’m still having bloating issues which sucks, but it isn’t that bad today nor was yesterday. I’ve been trying to go through as much readings, cause I have an online test that I am aiming to complete by this week.

2/8 Decided I’m going to live stream on Mixer cause why not? haha I reckon I’ll just be live streaming mobile app games, which I will then attach a review to the live video onto my blog. I just need to find out how the heck do I extract the past stream! So I’ve decided I’ll dedicate an entire free day for that, but not tonight.

4/8 Well last night was kinda crap. Thought I was going to dodge an obnoxious, privileged individual, but no… there always gotta be at least one. It’s generally in the last 2 hours at night. Seriously dude, I gave you a solution, apologised for your biased, no-evidence anger and you still had the audacity to continue lying? If I had my way, I would say you have no recording to prove anything, so have I, so why don’t we wait for the result… in the meantime take your new lane. Human emotions frustrate me. Human error is fine, just emotions.

5/8 I think I’ve corrected my sleep, like I’ve been waking up super early BUT I still have problems sleeping early. Like I’m still up by 10pm. When I should really be down by 9pm. It is way better now though, I used to sleep not until midnight and then woke up close to midday. The best feeling when waking up early, is that you have more time to complete whatever you’ve got to do!


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