23.7 – 30.7

“Let’s tell the truth to people. When people ask, ‘How are you?’ have the nerve sometimes to answer truthfully…”

– Maya Angelou





23/7 Breathe in and out. Repeat 100 more times.

It’s a new week, I have a less hectic schedule now, I can concentrate more on my studies, blog and hopefully my label. Working back to back at a place, that does not satisfy you career wise, is a real downer. But I know I have to keep it for a little while longer, just under two years left.

24/7 Going to give The Crown a go again, since I didn’t give my full attention when I watched the first two episodes last time. So far I am liking episode one. Volunteer was great today, keeping me on my toes. But overall grateful I have such an amazing curator I volunteer alongside. Started the week on a much brighter, lighter step.

26/7 First full day to myself, well not really cause I’m heading out tonight to watch E, as he’s on the final table. Slept late last night, didn’t get to bed till 4am, cause I was waiting for E to finish with his tournament. Took an uncomfortable nap in the car though, and all I could think of is, why didn’t I bring along some makeup remover wipes. I could literally feel my makeup sitting on my face. So once I got home, I washed and cleansed the hell out of my skin. Then I woke up at 9-ish am. No breakouts, but it did feel a bit tight. Attended an exhibition last night, which threw me once again in the social deep end. Though I did come out feeling alright.

27/7 Finally watching IT Girls, that’s released on Youtube. Yay! So far so good, it’s funny cause they are all so sassy, but I’m loving it. What I am doing at the same time, is mentally noting the places they are eating at. So when I go later in the year, E and I can visit these places. Today I think we’ll be watching friendly fights at UFC and I hope to squeeze in a workout session today. Skipped out yesterday.

28/7 Was supposed to go on a hike today, but my body couldn’t keep up, so I slept in. I’ll be now aiming for a Wednesday hike this week. What do I have planned today? Gym, grocery run, cleaning the car and uni work.

29/7 Good morning Monday! Did quite a bit of cleaning and reorganisation of our bedroom yesterday. I feel better when things look different, I don’t know about you, but I feel less inspired/motivated when I’m in a stagnant surrounding. Will be catching up on some week 3 modules, squeezing a workout and some blog content.


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