2.7 – 9.7

“How you choose to feel today should not be dependent on others.”

– Anthon St. Maarten





2/7 Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, felt like my eyelids had extra layers, was hard keeping them up. On the flip-side, I am obsessed with NF! Does anyone know, if he would be touring in Australia?

3/7 Netflix is really on the ball with K-dramas! I’m getting hooked again, which sucks because session 2 of class starts soon. Though I hoped Netflix, would release more quality anime. Have you read the news about Sydney’s counter-terrorism raids? Freaking scary. Saw something interesting today. No matter what age you are, professionalism can sometimes slip. Is it so hard for some people, to act kind and be professional in workplaces? The amount of grown men and women, who still crawls back into their infant brains, just astonishes me. How can we move forward, when there are some who would rather drag us back. *sigh*

6/7 Had an amazing time at a friend’s wedding yesterday. It was both simple yet classy. Most weddings I’ve been to, the food served during reception seems to be mostly lacking, but yesterday’s wedding the food was bomb. There was a bit of drama before the wedding and before leaving for the reception. It involved interacting “adults”, where each time I talk to them, I have to reel in my real thoughts, because they’ve obviously blocked their ears when speaking to me. I keep praying for the day, when I can finally cut off these toxic individuals.



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