Hakata-Maru Ramen

1/475 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW



Ramen, is best eaten… everyday! You can tell I’m obsessed with ramen, especially with it is done right.

Tucked in a little corner, surrounded by tall company buildings but not too faraway from public transport and other Asian cuisines that Chatswood has on offer. Hakata-Maru presents Hakata-style tonkatsu ramen, with a variety to choose from. Unfortunately, I cannot find their menu online and I forgot to take a picture of their menu. Before grabbing your seat, you’ll have to order first.

I forgot the name of the ramens we ordered, E’s was a spicy sort which I did not try, but he did say he enjoyed it. He was sweating bullets haha! Mine I believe, was their house speciality and the benefits from what I remember, was that it gives a skin boost! Which I found was pretty amazing. Mind you it also tasted amazing, the slices of meat was tender and had a generous amount of fat left on it. You see that red spoon with a ball of red, yeah I put that aside, because of how spicy it was. I couldn’t finish the bowl, it had so much in it, my stomach and brain was at its limits haha.

Service was quick, clean and we stepped in when they literally just opened its doors so it was quiet. The entries were great, I especially loved their gyoza, it had the thinnest crispiest bottom layer and top-outer shell was so soft. The insides had the right amount of liquid and the meat literally melted. I remember when searching up for the ‘best’ ramen places in Chatswood, this was rated the second best.






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