25.5 – 28.5

“How’s things, buddy?” Trey asks after we run through a few finger-warming exercises. I realize this is what people call small talk. I also realize the world would be a better place without it.”

– Julie Buxbaum




25/5 Can small talk be banned? All these unnecessary situations where small talk is encouraged, should be removed forever. I would prefer to sit in silence, doing what I want to do, being around people that I know without being judged as a snob or having a motive. For example, if I go to a party, I prefer to say hi to the people I know or have to meet, then head straight to the food station and sit in peace. Come and say hi if you like, but have a purpose and if I’m silent be chill too. The number of times I get comments from people, saying I’m too quiet, anti-social, I have to go to this event to make an appearance, for religion, for family, for whatever is extremely exhausting. If you like small talking fine, just don’t come at me with your chitchat.

26/5 Woke up the latest today, since forever. Woke up at 1:30pm! Though fair, I did not hit the sack until 5am, got caught up with a new Chinese drama. Got up to episode 11 or 12 of Love 020.

27/5 Should be a more relaxing day today. Get some artwork done and then send them off to printing.


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