2.5 – 7.5

“Luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity”

– Oprah Winfrey




2/5 Yesterday was again another full on Wednesday. Since I ate so little during work, I ended up binging in the evening. So got to keep a mental note to not eat so low during the day. Anyways, there’s this man doing the windows and I’m too socially awkward right now to look and say hi. Am I a bad person? LOL

3/5 Whilst completing this uni module, I’ve been on a binge, watching successful and powerful women on YouTube. So far from watching and hearing their stories and advices, I realised how much self-confidence I need to work on. Instead of say watching/listening to the things I usually do, I should invest time for self-improvement/empowerment. But to also make these happen.

4/5 After doing house chores and working out in the morning, there is just not enough time left for the rest of the day. What! Started one of my assignments, worth about 40-45% and thank gwad it is in a report format. So being concise with what you’re trying to say is key. Makes it also a tonne easier to do, just because you eliminate trying to sound extra smart in sophisticated sentences haha. Sadly, this means Qui work and blogging will need to take a seat for a while. Stress mode in full on right now.

7/5 Not feeling 100% today. Both mental and physical game is on the low.


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