“The air of those rooms was saturated with the fine bouquet of a silence so nourishing, so succulent, that I never went into them without a sort of greedy anticipation, particularly on those first mornings, chilly still, of the Easter holidays…”

– Marcel Proust



17/4 I can finally breathe out and post about my new endeavour… QUI Label. Still a work in progress, I’d say still a few more steps to tick off. Since brushing off the two assignments for now and having 2 weeks off from volunteering, I have more time to dedicate to this. I’ll release more content closer to the launch. BUT be sure to save http://www.quilabel.com

21/4 Last Wednesday, you know spending an average day at home, before a night shift that evening. Well it became not ordinary, when some disgusting animal came busting into the house. The only thing stolen was a push-bike, swapping his/hers for ours. So he/she left their one at the front lawn. I was napping the one of the rooms upstairs, not questioning the light shuffling downstairs, cause I thought it was someone from the house that came home. The creepy bit was when he/she opened my locked door, quietly shut it and went to the master bedroom. Then went back to open my locked door again, stood there for 20-30 second and closed it half-way… That was weird, so I called my partner to ask if anyone came home early… waiting for his response. Then he came back to me to say… no.

Home thieves, thieves in all forms, you suck.


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