“In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.”

– Rollo May

20/3 Got my clothes sorted for the trip to Byron tomorrow! I’ll be staying in the Binna Burra area, so I get to see the “rainforest” side of the area as well as the bay. Booked this cute AirBnB and it looks cosy as hell. Trying to cram in as much uni work, readings, youtube vids and anime in the remaining hours of today haha. I slept not till 6am today, because I was binging on a K-drama. It was alright, had to skip quite a bit of fillers.

21/3 Finally got to our Airbnb and it is such a lovely sanctuary. E and I left the west, around 5:00am and didn’t get to Binna Burra until 3:30pm. It may be our longest drive yet! I got to say this Airbnb is beautiful, tasteful done inside at such a refreshing location. Just came back from a local fried chicken feed and now ready to hit the sack! Looking forward to check out Byron Bay tomorrow.

23/3 Came back from Main Beach, which is an absolute beauty of a beach! The water was cold at first but had quickly warmed up. So I started the day with an hour hike to the lighthouse, brunch and then for a solid 2 hours baked and swam at the beach. Sunday spent well! Got dinner tonight at an oyster bar, might squeeze in a shut eye before that.

25/3 Got home in the early evening yesterday. Was an easier drive back, with E taking the majority of the driving duties haha. Nice it settle back into the normal routine, but bummed with how much uni work there has to be caught up on! Excited to publish a few review posts in the coming weeks.


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