“It’s never too late to give up your prejudices”

– Henry David Thoreau

14/3 Heading out soon for the State elections, then work later. Been blessed with colder weather yay! Out comes the comfortable jumpers and sweats. It’ll be a full week, with the Glamslam tomorrow, work/party on Saturday and the Tattoo Expo on Sunday! I am hoping to grab a small design on Sunday, building on my tattoo collection on my left hand.

15/3 Didn’t end up going to the Glamslam this year, should’ve definitely opted an NA for the day before. It was for a 9am start and I knew I’d be falling asleep once it reached the late morning hour. So anyways, I’ll be catching up on uni work today and planning out Byron for next week!

17/3 Sending out my prayers to those affected by the massacre at Christchurch, a few days ago. Hatred in that level, should have no place in this day and age, but here we are. What was sickening was how it was live-streamed. It makes me scared to think, that live media platforms may be used again like this… It is horrific that there are still those, who would rather transgress back to their animalistic nature than to build in harmony.

Tattoo Expo Sydney was pretty fun today! E and I got a small piece each, ranging from $100 to $150. I had initially wanted to get mine on my hand, but the artist highly suggested otherwise. So I got it else where. We literally did 3 rounds on each lane, to make sure we’ve seen everything, then checked again before deciding. But I am happy with mine and E is happy with his!



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