Jeans Chilli Chicken

115 Rowe St, Eastwood NSW



Located within Eastwood Hotel, Jeans Chilli Chicken has a spacious outdoor and indoor seating area, perfect for small and large gatherings. Luckily for me, we were the only ones there, so our meals were served efficiently and smoothly! I did see a few take-away orders coming out.

You will find yourself immersed for a few minutes in their menu, probably salivating and thinking at the same time. If you are big on chilli items, you will be blessed with their menu. The majority of their items, have a spicy kick to it, ranging from their single, shared, entree and main plates. Price ranges from $7 to $37, you will definitely find something to pick from, with meats varying from duck, chicken, eel, pork and seafood!

We were recommended to grab ourselves the EQ Honey Chicken and Jean’s Fried Chicken. I ate the EQ Honey Chicken, just cause I cannot endure the chilli kick, it was an absolute thumbs up! It had a more darker sweetness, which soaked right through the tender chicken. I couldn’t stop reaching out for more. When choosing any of the chicken mains, you also get a bowl of seaweed rice! A great pairing and I was thrilled that it came with it! The side Korean food items were less here, it may be because they wanted it to be kept minimal and suited to the hotel’s image? An additional Cheese Chilli BBQ Chicken was ordered, but unfortunately I cannot comment on it, cause it looked red as hell!






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