“On Valentine’s day we think of those who make our life worthwhile, Those gracious, friendly people who we think of with a smile.”

– Unknown

15/2 Yesterday I was delightfully surprised, when I rolled over in bed in the morning, two wrapped up items… Mind you I did not hear, though I did feel E moving around me. We said we weren’t getting each other gifts this year, as we were already celebrating with high tea. So I firstly opened the large black box and laid out was 18 beautiful long-stemmed white roses! Second surprise was Studio 3 Wireless Beat headphones. I was over the moon, cause he got me exactly the items I loveeeeeeee and he caught me by surprise! Though I did see a random roll of gift wrap, that wasn’t there the night before haha.

Had a lovely high tea at Lilianfels which was great, I’ll write a review soon! The rest of the day, was chilling back home, digesting all that sugar.

16/2 Super excited for my cousin’s wedding, firstly I get to celebrate with her on her big day and secondly I have yet to see a Filipino wedding! Though E and I will be staying less than a week in Naga, it’ll be great to see that part of the Philippines again.

18/2 Nick Cave’s exhibition was an exciting treat to see today. It did take me a little while to understand the concept, which I have now appreciated once I have read more on it. E and I only took an hour to go through it, it had very little installations on show. Just then I sent through my application for a position, fingers crossed! It would be a dream to get it!


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