“We need society, and we need solitude also, as we need summer and winter, day and night, exercise and rest” – Philip Gilbert Hamerton



15/01 Back to the grind, though it was brief it was great to get out and do something. Other than uni work, this was refreshing. I got myself a new study diary for this year, I thought it would be efficient to separate a planner for everyday life and my study life. It’s a cute little planner from kikki. K, and I am honestly confused on how to make it colourful! I never had the knack of art journalling or scrapbook making.

17/01 I’ve been been obsessed with sugar the past few months, mainly stress eating. I think ever since working in that previous role, the toxic encounters were mentally draining which also affected my physic. So glad I quit. I’ve got a long way to go, in going back to the portion size I used to eat. So far I have been experimenting with alternatives, such as choosing ‘Loving Earth‘ chocolates and other brands, dedicated to natural and less preservative ingredients. It is however financially straining and I do believe healthier food options, are really more accessible to the privileged. Sadly. It is definitely crazy to see this lifestyle or necessity, only reached by those who have the financial means.

18/01 Another 30+ degree day. So insanely hot and humid that my brain went on a major shutdown, so instead of ticking off things I had to do today, ending up sleeping through the afternoon. Fingers crossed I don’t do the same thing tomorrow.

19/01 Yay it’s cooler today! Taking the day by sleeping in, sipping on a creamy latte and munching down on a kit kat, milk chocolate topped soft pretzel. Mr. Pretzels has got some soft and tasty goodies. Still cutting down 500+ words for this assignment.


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