“The things most people want to know about are usually non of their business”

– George Bernard Shaw

15/4 Cannot take a person seriously, if they are still currently cheating on their supposed “love”. His/her partner is manipulated into the reality he/she is creating. If you decide to give ‘advice’ be sure to check yourself and don’t try to fix another person’s relationship. It is disgusting that you would go that far and assume that since a person is not revealing, say their bank account, it makes them suspicious? Like you and everyone else in the world, there are just somethings an individual would like to keep for themselves. What a mentality to have ffs. If it works for a couple then go-ahead, but bear in mind its not a pre-requsite in a relationship and/or marriage. Suspicious, you liar.

I hope you feel awesome that you gave “advice” and tried to “help” your friend out. Those slimy comforting words of assuring him/her of what they are feeling is alright and his/her partner is the problem here.

MIND YOUR OWN GODDAMN BUSINESS it’s funny when you don’t communicate with them anymore, that’s when they start assuming your life, intentions, personality, etc. I know myself better than you do. Mind you, I know that disgusting side of yours and your partner doesn’t. Oh wait, maybe they do know?

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