“Philosophy is really nostalgia, the desire to be at home.”

– Novalis

8/3 Is it me, or there’s so many talks now about plastic surgery? To be honest I have thought about it, but watching and reading the recovery period even though the results are great, always puts me off. Plus the large amount of money needed… Work was great, used a lot more of my mentality to come up with a procedure. Definitely going way above my pay but it’s the experience I am gunning for. Through this experience, it highlighted the need for upper management support to implement things. Without that vital support, recommendations and ideas can never be pushed to reality.

10/3 Need to move out, asap. This current location is not homely at all, always on edge and too much rules. Its always comfortable when you have a space that is welcoming. Be it the lighting, colours, ambience, food, furniture, sound and scent.

12/3 Busy busy once again. I think I need to calm down with the applications  and really think where I want to go. I have an interview this coming Friday and I hope I get pointed or given advice about where I could be going. There’s so many positions out there, I am the type of person that tries to be the jack of all trades, when really one should be specialising. Well that’s what I think anyways.






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