“Princess Grace’s legacy was multifold”

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 11.36.33 am.png

Grace Kelly: Princess of Movies and Monaco – in60Learning

Pages: 40

A delightful look into Grace Kelly’s life, starting from her childhood through to her death and the legacy she left behind. In60Learning‘s book provides an interesting, simplistic and efficient read on the young woman’s life.

Grace Kelly is hailed as a philanthropic princess of Monaco and a successful American actress. Her legacy lives on and is captured within her films, selfless acts for her family and her two countries which is beautifully written within this biography.

A few things I have noted, is the usage of quotes from Grace Kelly at the start of each chapter. Direct quotes I believe provides an emotional insight to the character of the person at that point in time. Black and coloured imagery was also used, almost one in each chapter, unfortunately quite small to see much detail. Bullet points to list and emphasise efficient reading. Not only does the biography delve into Grace Kelly’s life, but also spotlights into her family’s history. I enjoyed the read and if you, like me, read on the go and would like to know the main facts, I’d give this book on Grace Kelly’s life a go!

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