“Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight.”

– Phyllis Diller

1/3 March! Sydney is getting cooler and gloomy looking, which brings the unwelcome flu and cold season. I think I had my dose just two days ago and passed it onto E. He now is sniffling his way through the day, he and I are both drinking manuka and honey tea. But I do love the colder season, cause it means I can pile up clothing and be snuggly comfortable at work. That’s if they don’t put the heater on. You know what anime I am obsessed about, even if the story line is somewhat predictable, is Seven Deadly Sins. Which you now can watch on Netflix.

3/3 I got my printer/scanner up and running yay! I know I can definitely print from work, but that means I can only print when I’m at work. It just feels great my own room is coming together, still under construction, but its becoming an ideal place for study. E’s room came together great, there’s a few things I’d like to add but I think I should be focusing on my own room for now. I removed some old wall hangings and thinking of adding two white shelves. I’d like to paint the walls white, but that’s a large task. Maybe after my contract ends or after the semester is over.

4/3 100% getting hooked to the anime that Netflix holds. Almost done with Seven Deadly Sins and now starting B: The Beginning. Netflix is seriously stepping up its anime collection! I find it hard sometime to find online streaming sites for anime, without any ads popping up and unnecessary membership sign-ups.


~ MJ

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