“The monstrosity of this, reaching Smiley through a thickening wall of spiritual exhaustion, left him momentarily speechless.”

– John Le Carre

14/2 Once again I didn’t get a bouquet of roses. That’s all I really want on this day. Every 14/2.

15/1 Where has the week gone? Trying so hard to stay awake.

16/1 Instead of brunch, going to head out to dinner instead. Hubert on Bligh Street, which is a modern French restaurant. I am crossing my fingers it won’t be too hot and there’s a live band.

17/2 The wait time at Hubert last night was quite long, so we opted to eat and drink at their bar. Cocktails were on point! I am definitely coming back to eat at the place and check out their a la cart and their cocktails. Going to try and do as much stuff today before the house party starts tonight. I was just so exhausted yesterday, that I couldn’t concentrate on my blog, uni that is starting in two weeks time and the third vlog. I am going to start cramming today. 

19/1 Don’t know if you’ve seen my tweet, but there was a house party yesterday night and I was spewing in the inside. I ate so much because I was half nervous and half hungry haha. Work was mentally exhausting today.






~ MJ

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