“We should respect those able to choose love after enduring a lifetime of hate. It is the least we could do.”

– Wayne Gerard Trotman





29/1 Landed in Sydney yesterday, and it still feels like I am still settling in. I have unpacked but everything seems new again, which is great. It is an immense juxtaposition from living in a provincial area to a first world environment. From the tiny adjustments such as the climate, transportation, living conditions, expenses and language. It makes you realize how lucky you are in your current living situation and not to take it all for granted. I do miss however looking out from the balcony, seeing the open sea and clear skies.

31/1 It is strange to think that after what happened, that person still had the decency to add me on Facebook. Strange, was she expecting me to still talk to her or was she waiting to spoil the beans on me or as a connection? Anyways, removed her from my list and did a major clean up on my social sites. I felt I need a new start and a more quiet life. There was too much noise in the past years, especially last year, that made me realize I kept hoarding things that kept me unhappy. This year I hope to continue the same perseverance to not ignore these warning signs, automatically remove what is not necessary and focus on my own growth.

2/2 Two more days till my leave finishes! The holidays felt brief, almost like the past few weeks were compressed into a few days. I guess it meant I really enjoyed it, wish it was extended longer. Downloaded Adobe Premier Pro and let me tell you, I am having so much fun learning the ins and outs! This is my first attempt editing a vlog, here, make sure to check it out and let me know what I can improve on. Oh the other day, it was so cloudy that I missed out on seeing the super blue blood moon. Bummed but I know it’ll be captured somewhere on the internet. Nothing much happening today, just going to work on my blog, check out the local events, play some league of legends and maybe start on the second vlog.


~ MJ

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