“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

– Brad Paisley

24/12 Was my last work day yesterday for the year! Super excited for the holidays and for the trip in 12 days. I haven’t flown out to the Philippines since 2009. What has happened these past few weeks… got to see what it was like working with corporate records, both locally and in the public sector. It got extended onto the following year, which is great to learn more about the place and what can be done to improve its records management. Oh did I mention, there was a massive spider stuck in between my window. See picture below. Decorated the room with some Christmas decorations and finally got fairy lights up! It’s a delicate and soft touch, that the room definitely needed.

27/12 How was everyone’s Christmas? Mine went by simply, spent half the day at my family’s and then with E’s family. Napped half-way through the day, half cause of food coma and the workout earlier. Next, my brother and E hit the city for boxing day. Learnt my lesson the previous years and wore gym clothing with appropriate footwear, ready for them long hours of waiting and shopping. I was surprised that the guys got more items than me, I got myself a few travel essentials, more sports gear and new goggles! Day ended well with sore feet and new memories.

30/12 A day before New Year’s Eve.

31/12 Decided to spend it at mine today. It feels nice.

1/1 Happy New Year folks! Cheers to another year of growth, challenges and discoveries.






~ MJ

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