22/11 What a week, just been swamped with work and completing the first assignment of  the 3rd session. Now I am just looking for courses I can take, for my professional development. I think I am a little bit obsessed with LinkedIn. It is actually a great tool to investigate what paths people took, like their education and career history, to get them to their current roles. It gives an informative oversight, which gives me a slight idea on what I should do with my career. On the flip side, I have been drinking ginseng tea with honey every night, to fight this cold or flu I feel has been creeping up to me.

23/11 International work would be interesting to do. Maybe starting off in rural areas and see how they would manage and preserve their records. Or maybe starting with big institutions overseas. There is so much opportunities to work in the information sector, however I think it would be not only short-lived, which would make it highly competitive overtime. I have been with the ASA for a while, but I want to also become a member with RIMPA. However, their membership fee is a lot. Got to save up a bit more.

28/11 New project, more like different section of the team to smash through its records. Never realised how heavily paper based businesses are.


~ MJ

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